2011 BW Graduates Recognize High School Teachers with Thomas Award

Six high school teachers were recognized last month with the James Thomas High School Teacher Award.

The award honors high school teachers who have engaged, inspired and encouraged BW students while preparing them for the college experience. The award is funded by BW alumnus and trustee, James Thomas, chairman and CEO of Thomas Properties Group LLC. The teachers are nominated by graduating seniors.

Each of the winning teachers received a $1,000 cash award with an additional $1,000 cash award going to the school in the teacher’s name.

Constance Diebler of Buckeye Valley High School
(Delaware, OH)

Nominated by Madeline Wilson, a Spanish major

“Senora Diebler's projects are tremendously creative, as they encourage a wide variety of learning styles. Every other summer, Senora Diebler travels to a Spanish-speaking country with a small group of students. I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Spain shortly after I graduated. Once I was in college, Senora encouraged me to apply for the Seminar in Ecuador, which turned out to be the best experience I had while at Baldwin Wallace.”

Mike Godfrey of Eastwood High School
(Pemberville, OH)

Nominated by Eric Rutherford, an Integrated Science major

“Although I was only able to have him for a teacher once in high school, he always took time to send encouraging notes to me and my fellow classmates. These notes are something I still hold onto because they really helped me as I was going through high school. Even if some were as simple as a congratulations for an accomplishment in an athletic event, it was nice to have that extra support. The enthusiasm and passion that he brought to class made the learning fun and enjoyable."


Christo Lehmann of Garfield Heights High School
(Garfield Hts, OH)
Nominated by Peter Brasdovich, a Sociology major

“Upon first glance, it may be difficult to establish the correlation between playing board games and intellectual growth but Christo made it worthwhile. In my senior year of high school, Christo told me that, ‘the journey is the reward, not the result of the outcome.’ This phrase has stuck with me and serves as a reminder to be just who I am. I want to make the most out of my journey and Christo Lehmann has helped me accomplish that.”

Bradley Meholick of LeRoy High School
(LeRoy, NY)

Nominated by Siobhan Ball, a Music Therapy major

“He gave me piano and oboe lessons throughout high school and he was there every step of the way through college auditions. He even made a “Siobhan world tour” shirt with another student that listed all the college audition dates I was taking just so people could wish me luck. Mr. Meholick wrote the recommendation letter that got me into BW and he swore he would take the four hour drive to see me perform at a recital.”

Tara Storms of Martin L. King Jr. High School
(Cleveland, OH)

Nominated by Calvin Hulittle Jr., a Finance major from Cleveland, OH

“Ms. Storms did not accept the status quo of our intelligence but pushed our thinking to go further than we could imagine. It is with great pleasure that I nominate her. She was a strong and caring motivator for me in high school and it truly helped me succeed then and now. I know that her effort as an educator is strong and that she is still putting in and pulling out the best out of her students. She helped groom my peers and me in the proper way to present ourselves to the world.”



Chuck Valley of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School
(Broadview Heights, OH)

Nominated by Jonathan Cooper, a Music Performance: Voice major

“Mr. Chuck Valley, head of the music department, has nurtured and guided countless students for over 30 years. I was a member of two choirs, and two orchestras under his direction for two years apiece. His success doesn’t stem from the talent of his students; it comes from him encouraging absolutely every single student to dream big, in whatever profession or field their dreams take them, and to utilize every ounce of potential they have.”








































Posted 5/11
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