Government's Restructuring of GM, Chrysler is Topic of Top Lawyer

Thomas E. Lauria, a prominent lawyer who garnered national attention in his efforts to restructure more than $100 billion of debt in handling some of the largest and most complex dealings in U.S. history, will speak at Baldwin Wallace University on Tuesday, April 19, 8 pm, at the Kleist Center for Art and Drama, 95 E. Bagley Rd.

His talk, which is free and open to the public, will address “Done Wrong: The U.S. Government’s Restructuring of GM and Chrysler and Its Undermining of the Rule of Law in America.”

Lauria is the Global Practice Head of the Financial Restructuring and Insolvency Group at White & Case, which is comprised of over 130 lawyers located in over 20 countries around the world.  Lauria has led White & Case teams in restructurings involving Washington Mutual Inc., Visteon Corp., Six Flags Amusement Parks, Chrysler, WCI Communities, Delphi Corporation, Adelphia Communications Corporation, Mirant Corporation, Corporación Durango, PhyAmerica Physician Group, The Williams Companies and Williams Communications Group.

According to Lauria, the Obama administration once referred to him as a ‘terrorist’ for having opposed the administration’s handling of the Chrysler bailout and for fighting against the transaction all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He also noted that Donald Trump’s senior lenders hired him to represent them when Trump Casinos went bankrupt.  The buy-out group led by Hall of Fame Baseball player, Nolan Ryan, employed his services through White & Case in connection with their acquisition of the Texas Rangers out of bankruptcy.

The Financial Times of Great Britain has referred to Lauria as one of the most innovative attorneys in the United States. 

He has spoken and written on various restructuring topics, including comparative insolvency law systems and related cross-border issues, enterprise valuation, liquidating plans, and alternative dispute resolution procedures. He has been featured on a regular basis in a number of leading publications for his views on various restructuring issues of national and international interest, including the current economic crisis and how it has impacted the rehabilitation strategies of distressed companies.

Lauria’s program is sponsored by The Buckhorn Chair in Economics. Established in1983, the Buckhorn Chair focuses on teaching, research, and establishment of linkages between the academic and business communities.

For additional information, please call (440) 826-2325.

Posted 3/11
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