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Moving Forward
Approved in 2011, the master plan will shape Baldwin Wallace over the next decade.
It is divided into three segments: immediate attention, 2-5 years, and 5-10 year completion.

With Carmel Living Learning Center to the north and Constitution Hall at the east end, the new walkway replacing part of East Grand Street is scenic and functional.

A cherished landmark, the Marting Tower cupola is undergoing restoration. The Chapel belltower also underwent a facelift and repairs. In addition, the historic stone stairway near Kulas Hall has been re-created stone-by-stone.

Having been home to thousands of BW students, Klein and 63 Beech residence halls are undergoing transformation this year to suite-style living for first-year students. Saylor Hall will follow next year.

Creating a Master-Piece

What once was a series of renderings, now is becoming reality. BW's campus master plan continues to unfold as cherished landmarks, living spaces and student centers are being transformed.

Throughout campus new construction, restoration and renovation projects are in progress. Changes are underway in the historic south district, Strosacker Hall area and on north campus.

Transforming North Campus

The transformation of north campus continues as the former Cleveland Browns training facility--recently a BW residence hall—is being expanded and renovated as an athletic training facility for lacrosse and football. The building, adjacent to Finnie Stadium, will feature offices, classroom/meeting space, and a new locker room for football. A spacious new weight room also is being added. It will open July 2013.

In conjunction with the Bagley project, the south end of Finnie Stadium will gain locker rooms for men’s and women’s lacrosse, soccer and track. They will be available for use next April.

Ritter Library also is being updated to reflect its expanding use as a technology hub. In addition to an attractive new decor, the library now offers 20 iPads available for short and long-term loans, multimedia computers, a business center, group study rooms with book scanner and more.

Beautifying the Heart of Campus

Enhancements to the area around Strosacker Hall are creating an inviting campus for students, prospective students and their families.

Among the most recent changes Grand Street has been closed and replaced by a tree-lined pedestrian walkway. Aesthetic and functional, the new area adds green space to the campus interior, reduces automotive traffic and makes the area more pedestrian-friendly.

Also functional is the closing of one end of Jacob Street to traffic. This was accomplished through the dramatic relocation of two homes that opened up space for parking and a walkway linking the Lou Higgins Center to central campus.

In addition to the new Durst Welcome Center, immediately east of university union, the Strosacker Hall lobby also received attention this year to give it a more contemporary feel. On the exterior it has new walkways and other amenities that facilitate pedestrian traffic and community building. Among the new additions is a courtyard linking it with the Richard and Karen Durst Welcome Center

Enhancing Residential Life in South Campus

The first-year complex of Klein, 63 Beech and Saylor halls are under construction to create suite-style living. This year Klein and 63 Beech are off line. They will re-open for the 2013 fall semester. Saylor will begin its transformation May 2013 and be completed January 2014.

Like other BW renovation and new construction sites, the complex will utilize energy-saving geothermal heating and cooling. Part of the cost of this project is being funded through historic tax credits.

Posted Nov. 2012

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