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Pagewizard practice page - Do not submit or Review/Sign-off!

Just a paragraph to practice the spell check option and see how it works.  Let's see how this works when a misspelling occurs - (histroy, astromony, busness)

Table Sample (click in table and Table Properties button to see:)
Spacing between cells =2, Padding inside cells = 5, Border=1 
Used some background color "Style"
Layout = 75%  (100% = would fit width of page) 

Table with invisible borders to line-up better since there are no tabs:
Table done with extra column in-between and spaces added inside cell.
Then change Border = 0 only when done (can't change it back after) for no borders:
(In page body, click the Visible Borders button on toolbar to see the borders for editing.)

First Item    Description of this item goes here
Second Item   Second description here
Third Item   Third description here - dkflsjfl lsjdflsjd lskdjfl sjsldj lskjfl  

Bullet Listing:  (do bullet returns first with shift/return and then fill them in)

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

    HR Certificate - (use table feature instead of copy/paste)

    Suggested path for completion at BW at Corporate College East (in Beachwood)


     BUS 305-SWQ  Introduction to Management
    (Semester-Long:  classes meet for sixteen weeks)

    CST 313-AWQ Org.Communications
    (Minimester A:  first 8 weeks in the semester)
    BUS 410-BWQ Human Resources
    (Minimester B:  second 8 weeks in the semester)


        PSY 320-SWQ Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    (Semester-Long:  classes meet for sixteen weeks)

    BUS 329-AWQ  Business Ethics
    (Minimester A:  first 8 weeks in the semester)
    BUS 411-BWQ  Compensation Mgmt.
    (Minimester B:  second 8 weeks in the semester)

    Choose to open these in a "new window" checkbox:
    Uploaded Word Doc. (Dean's Program) - not a pdf - but linked instead of a real page
    Summer Scholars Program - Academic Dean's Office
    Uploaded PDF File (Dean's Application) - You need Adobe Reader to view this pdf version, click here it download free.

    (This form is viewed using Adobe Reader.  To download free click here.)

    All You Can Do in PageWizard

    There are many, many interesting things you can do in Pagewizard.  I will demonstrate some of the features on this exciting page. 

    This Web Page was created as a "sub-page", off the LL Practice (parent) Page.  Login to "Staged" practice page.  Create the sub-page - PracticeII.  Then click on related links and set the page name:  Practice Page II and the URL: ll/practice/practiceII.  Click on the new sub-page found at the bottom of the parent page.  You'll be linked to your new page.  Edit with Pagewizard, select section/title/page... Name the new page.  Select page Body and begin to create text, images, links....

    All editing functions are similar to those used in Word: bold, italics and underline, etc. Just use the menu bar.  Note: never use underline option since it presumes linkage.  Also, there are some NEW functions to choose from:
    Broom:  sweeps in changes and fixes, allowing recognition for various browser types (i.e. netscape).  Always proof after sweeping because extra spacing and margin changes can appear. 
    Chain Links:  You may link external and internal web-sites.  Always remove the BW prefix (http// if linking to an internal site.
    Line:  Inserts a line to separate text.
    Table:  allows you to organize data by rows and columns.  There's also an option to choose visible or invisible lines in the table.  There is also an option to insert/delete rows and columns too.

    Table Demonstration

    Setting up tables can be fun.  They can be sized in various ways, using padding (amount of space wrapped within a cell) and spacing ( the amount of space between cells).  Type in the # of rows and the # columns.  Determine the width, using %'s.  Any width greater than 100% will blow out the template!!  Border function allows you to select thickness of border line.  See various table options below:

    Rows 2, Cols. 3; Padding 2, Spacing 3; Inserted at 30%

    data can be
    inserted here

    cells grow based upon size of contents


    Rows 3, Cols. 5; Padding 2, Spacing 2; Inserted at 60%.  Cell borders can be removed.

    small amt. of data= sm. cells
    very, very large amounts of data require   large cells


    Name Address City St Zip
    Student 1 Main St. Berea OH 44017
    Student 2        
    Student 3        
    Student 3        


    Inserting Images

    Insert the image first.  Then wrap the text around it.

    Click on the Image Icon.  This will allow you to choose your image by browsing your files.  Note: all images must be sized properly BEFORE downloading.  Right click on the image and then click on the Image Icon. 


    Pop-up window will appear:  Choose:       V-space (# pixels between bottom of photo and line of text underneath it = 3.
    H-space (#pixels between the edge of the photo and the text beneath it = 3.
    Border = (outlining a photo) =5.
    Align = right. Simply click on arrow in pop-up next to Align to shift image left, right or center.

    Then text will automatically wrap around images.  Use different options to test spacing, alignment and border size.  Al images must be preset in Photo Gallery.  No editing can be done to images once they are uploaded into PageWizard.

    Uploading Anything Other than Images

    You can upload files, web pages, etc. as desired.  This is done through various options. 

    Web Pages, uploaded as Related Links

    Internal Web Pages

    External Web Pages
    Same process as for "External" pages.  But be sure to remove the BW web address prefix.  The new link will appear at the very bottom of the web page. Find web page of choice and copy web address.  Go to "Edit with PageWizard" and select Related Links.  Choose a name for the link.  Paste the address of the website that is being linked to your page.

    This is the process for attaching Related Links.  It is also possible to download links within the page.  (Not as related links.)

    Uploading a Website to Your Page (within the page body)

    For example:  I have a specific site I want to link right here and now because I want everyone to know where to go to have questions answered.  

    Just highlight the text and click on the chain link icon. (Also - click on the unlink icon if you need to remove a link.)  A pop-up will appear, so enter the name of the website and select the option to open a separate window.  A separate window will allow you to close out of the linked website without closing out of your original page (also the Back button will gray out).

    So now you can have all your questions answered by just clicking  here.  

    Uploading Text

    Use the copy/paste icons to upload text from any source, including web information or misc. files.... For example, if I want to copy information about our Mission from a word file and place it below, I would simply open the file, copy the text, then go to Edit with Pagewizard and paste into the text body.

    Example:  Highlighted info was uploaded from a Word Document.

    LL Mission/ Function: Provide adult students with rigorous curriculum and support services designed especially for them: 

    Uploading "pdf" files

    When uploading pdf files, pictures, forms or documents, always include a plug-in link to Adobe Software.  This can be grabbed off the IT support services page.  It can be done with a simple cut and paste and the Adobe site will automatically link. 

    To upload a PDF document, upload new file, click on browse at pop-up window.  Navigate files and select desired file.  The file must not have any spaces in the filename (rename file with _ to fill any spaces).  Open fileand click okay.  This will add the file name to the current files field in the pop-up box. 

    After the file for the pdf document is uploaded in the page body, create a text link and name the new file.  Highlight the new name and click on the chain link, insert the pdf file name (exact name - no spaces) and it will link.

    In summary: Upload a new file, browse shared, personal or other folders to find pdf document.  Go to Page Body to set up the link and insert the pdf file name.

    Complete this process and you can link to a "pdf test document" by clicking here.

    Note: If a file is not in the pdf format, it must be converted by someone who can convert to adobe (Brent Gummow, Alicia Maurer, Mary Stein, Sue Barone, Ria)

Sample Table

Jane Doe, Administrative Assistant

  email address

Joe Boss, Interim Dean for Lifelong Learning

  email address

Sue Smith, Secretary to the Dean

  email address
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