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If you will only be on campus for a few days, e.g. taking a hybrid course with only two live meeting dates, you can request a temporary parking permit at no cost. These permits are valid for no more than 10 days each academic year.

Contact Parking Services.


Main Campus students

Parking passes are required if you will be on campus for a minimester and/or semester live course.  You can purchase your permit online or at the Parking Services office.

BW at Corporate College East students

Parking is free at BW at Corporate College East.  The BW entrance is around the back of the building on the upper level.  If you would like to go to Berea to use campus facilities (rec center, library, etc.) or to attend an event (lecture, game, etc.), BW staff can provide you with a free parking pass good for the semester.

Online students

Obviously, parking passes are not needed for cyberspace!  However, you might like a parking pass so that you can use Main Campus facilities (rec center, library, etc.) or attend an event (lecture, game, etc.).  If all of your classes in a semester are online, you may have a free temporary parking pass for that semester.  Just send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name
  • BW ID #
  • "I'm an online student who would like a temporary parking pass for [this/next] semester mailed to me, please."




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