Adult and Continuing Education

Your success is our success

If you believe a member of the BW community has violated the Community Standards of Conduct through words or actions, you are encouraged to report this behavior.  Click on the area of your concern:

“All of the students here are very friendly and positive. I have attended several universities prior to BW, and this is one of the friendliest campuses I have ever been on.”

- Joy Volpi, Nursing


“All the instructors are approachable and accommodating. They give constructive feedback and participate in meaningful dialogue. They are courteous and respectful to all students.”

- Jill Anderson, Organizational Leadership and Psychology


"BW requires that all members of the university community and its guests be treated with dignity and respect." - Community Standards of Conduct

Be aware that all BW students are required to uphold to the Student Code of Conduct, which can be found in the Student Handbook.





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