BW Suggested Language for Charitable Bequests Via Will or Trust

Thank you for considering a charitable bequest for BW as part of your estate plan.  After providing for family and loved ones, many alumni and friends include Baldwin Wallace University.  Below are examples of provisions you may wish to include in your will or trust. 

Filing a copy of your BW estate documents will enable the leadership of BW to be faithful to your wishes in the future.  For confidential delivery, you may scan and attach to your email to: or send via regular mail to Baldwin Wallace University, C/o Development Office, 275 Eastland Road, Berea, OH  44017.

4 Ways to Express an Estate Intention for BW's Benefit:

1.  Bequest of cash or property 

"I give, devise and bequeath to Baldwin Wallace University, an Ohio 503(c)3 nonprofit corporation and educational institution, located in Berea, Ohio,

     a)  the sum of $__________________, OR
     b)  the following described property ____________________________, for its exempt purposes."
2.  Bequest of a percent of the estate 

"I devise and bequeath ______% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located, to Baldwin Wallace University, to be used for its exempt purposes."

3.  Contingent Bequest 

"If my nephew, John Doe survives me, I devise and bequeath 20% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal and wherever located to John Doe.  If, however, John Doe does not survive me, then I devise and bequeath 20% of my residuary estate, whether real or personal property and wherever located to Baldwin Wallace University for its exempt purposes."

4.  Restricted Bequest :  If you select a specific purpose for your gift, such as a scholarship or support of a specific academic program, please consider including the following sentence, to ensure that the bequest remains useful through many decades: 
" If, in the judgment of the Board of Trustees, changed circumstances render the designated use of this fund inappropriate, then the Board shall use the fund to further the objectives and purposes of Baldwin Wallace University, as close as possible to my stated interest(s)."

For more information or assistance on including BW as part of your estate plan, please contact Tom Konkoly    (440) 826-3460 or Mike Walczak    (440) 826-3558.     

Thank you on behalf of the future BW students your gift will assist.

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