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Proper Hand Washing

Proper hand washing isn't just sticking your hands under some cold water for 2 seconds.  To wash your hands properly, first wet your hands with warm water and then apply soap.  Vigorously scrub your hands, arms and between your fingers for 10-15 seconds.  (Sing "Happy Birthday" twice.) Then, rinse and dry on a clean, dry towel.

Pandemic Flu Preparedness

What is "pandemic flu?"

Pandemic influenza is a global outbreak of disease that occurs when a new influenza A virus (one that has never circulated among people) appears in the human population, causes serious illness and spreads easily from person to person worldwide.

Experts warn that, should an influenza pandemic strike, up to 30% - 40% of our nation's work force may not report to work due to illness, childcare issues, or care of sick family members.  Those working in and attending schools, colleges and universities will be affected in similar, if not greater, numbers.  As children and young adults spend a great deal of time in close proximity to each other while sharing classroom and residence hall spaces, these populations may be among the most deeply impacted by a pandemic.

Baldwin Wallace University has plans in place to meet our primary goal of protecting the health and safety of the members of our college community.

"I had a flu shot this year -- am I protected?"

No, pandemic influenza and seasonal influenza are different viruses; your annual flu shot only helps to protect you from the most common strains of seasonal influenza.

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