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Outside Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) is often notified of scholarship opportunities outside of the BW community. As we become aware of these opportunities, we will update the list below.

  • New and returning students are encouraged to complete the Scholarship & Special Award Application found on our forms page. (Be sure to use the correct one for the appropriate academic year.)
  • If you are an incoming freshman, be sure to check with your high school guidance office, as they may be aware of opportunities.
  • All students are encouraged to check with family members as their employers or membership organizations may provide scholarship opportunities. 

In addition to the individual scholarship opportunities listed below, there are a number of websites that offer free scholarship database searches. These resources are listed for your benefit. You should check each one thoroughly before providing any personal information.

While there are plenty of free resources available to students for free, some do require a fee. These types of resources may be scams. Before paying for anything related to scholarships, find out if they are legitimate. Additional scholarship search tips can be found here.

Outside scholarship policy:
Federal regulations require you to report any outside scholarship you receive to the FAO. We will apply your outside scholarship to your unmet need first by reducing Parent PLUS Loans or alternative loan eligibility. When necessary, we will reduce self-help portions of your financial aid package (Stafford loans, federal work-study) rather than reducing grants or other scholarships. In rare cases, some grants and scholarships may be reduced if the amount of an outside scholarship is such that all self-help aid has been eliminated from a student's financial aid package.

Outside scholarships are credited to your account after the FAO receives the funds, processes a revised Award Letter for you, and forwards the funds to the Cashier's Office. They are included in your financial aid reward on a "hold" status but will not help reduce the amount of your bill with the Cashier's Office until they have been received and processed.

Scholarships are listed by application deadline date, with the most immediate deadlines listed first. Please note: since these opportunities are outside of BW, eligibility requirements and application deadlines may change without our knowledge. We are providing this information as a courtesy to you.

**Please check back often. We will update this page as new scholarship opportunities become available.** Scholarships are listed in order of earliest deadline date. Be sure to check the end of the table for scholarships without deadlines!

Last updated: 12/9/14.

Name of Scholarship
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Deadline Other Info
Excellence in Print & Design Marketing Scholarship 11/30 annually Graphic Arts & Design or a related field
Giva Student Scholarship 12/1 annually  
Working Parent College Scholarship Programs 12/13/14 Residential parents who work
What makes a good home? Scholarship 12/15/14 essay
$1000 Scholarship 12/15/14 essay on distracted driving
Green/Environmental Scholarships 12/15/14  
Scholarship for Business Women 12/19/14 essay
National Scholarship Program (for athletes) 12/19/14  
National Founder's Undergraduate Business Student Scholarship 12/19/14  
National Founder's Graduate Business Student Scholarship 12/19/14  
"Clean" Scholarship Contest 12/29/14  
Spring 2015 Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship 12/29/14 Graduates, sophomores/juniors/seniors, and freshmen may apply (three separate scholarships). Must be biology, chemistry, biochem, or related life science major.
Home Construction Scholarship 12/30/14 essay (choice of three)
$1,000 Scholarship 12/31/14 What: We want to hear about a time that you stood up for someone who could not stand-up for himself or herself, and how that experience has impacted your life and the lives of the person or persons you may have helped.
Influence Print Award for Design Excellence 12/31/14 For students majoring in or interested in design and applied arts or graphic design with strong academic records and outstanding creative abilities.
HSA for America Scholarship 12/31/14  
ADT Scholarship 12/31/14  
Medical Field Scholarship 1/1/15  
Investment Scholarship 1/1/15 essay - why is gold a good investment for future generations?
Good Works Scholarship 1/1/15 Describe your leadership & dedication in giving back to the community.
"What do you love about your school?" Scholarship 1/1/15  
Your Journey Ahead Scholarship 1/1/15  
Phillip Miller Scholarship 1/1/15 applicants over 50 only
IT Asset Management Scholarship 1/15/15 IT Management
AAF CLE Education Foundation 1/30/15 Junior communications/Marketing-related majors
Highway Safety Scholarship 1/31/15  
Smiles in Los Angeles Scholarship 2/18/15  
Digital Marketing Scholarship 3/1/15  
Anti-Texting & Driving Scholarship 3/15/15 video essay
College Club West Scholarship 3/15/15 Women 25 and over - must live in Cuyahoga, Lorain, or Medina Counties (OH)
Why is it important to save money? 3/21/15 essay
Law Question Scholarship 4/1/15 essay
Marketing Scholarship 4/15/15  
General Scholarship for Higher Learning - Spring 2014 4/15/15  
AWBA Scholarship (for women in business)  
5/15/15 Women with a 3.0 GPA (minimum) can apply
AWBA Scholarship #2 (for women in business) 5/24/15  
How does pizza bring people together? 5/31/15  
Internet Scholarship 6/1/15 What do you think the status of the Internet will be in five years? What kind of technology will incorporate Internet access? What limitations will be placed on access to the internet?
Rural Student Scholarship 6/1/15  
Medical Student/Field Scholarship 7/15/15 Essay question
Social Confidence Scholarship 7/15/15 Essay question (3 choices)
College Book Scholarships 7/15/15  
Growing Up With Glasses Scholarship 8/1/15 poetry contest
Quarterly Business Plan Contest ongoing  
Scholarships and Competitions ongoing various design competitions
Campus Explorer scholarships ongoing  
Hispanic Scholarship Fund - College Student
Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Community College Transfer Student
Hispanic Scholarship Fund - High School Student
Hispanic Scholarship Fund- Gates Millenium Scholars
Kids' Chance of Ohio no deadline  
Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund
no deadline  
The United Methodist Church - General Board of Higher Education and Ministry varied  
Northeast Ohio Education Scholarship     n/a Available to spouse/children of military (former or present)
The Daily Scholarship none  
The Graduate Programs Pre-Grad Scholarship none given For current undergrads or recent grads thinking about graduate school; must agree to receive email from the website and its partners
The Graduate Programs Graduate School Scholarships none given For current graduate students OR those who finished graduate school in the last five years; must agree to receive email from the website and its partners
Senior Planning Social Work & Eldercare Award none given  



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