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Satisfactory Academic Progress

"Sure, I'm making satisfactory academic progress! I'm doing the very best I can given everything else that is going on in my life."

This may be very well and true, but Uncle Sam has his own measuring stick, and if you're not either maintaining the minimum cumulative grade point average or earning sufficient credits towards graduation, you lose out on federal aid.

"So, just what does my GPA have to be, anyway?"

Well, if you are at junior class rank or above, as defined by the Registrar's Office, then you must have a 2.000 cumulative GPA.  If you're below junior class rank status, then you should consult BW's Catalog for the corresponding minimum GPA related to credits earned.  If you're not maintaining GPA, then Uncle Sam says you're not entitled to any federal aid (gift, loan, and work-study) until you are in compliance with SAP requirements.

"Is that it?"

No, not quite.  You also need to earn sufficient credits in order to graduate within 150% of the normal time frame that it takes a student to graduate.  Therefore, if a normal full-time liberal arts degree takes four years to earn, you're allowed up to six years to complete degree requirements - that's 150% of the time frame.  This doesn't mean that you have six years until someone starts checking on you.  Once a year a review of SAP requirement occurs in which the "pace" that each student is earning credits is compared to the 150% rule.  This means that a freshman would normally need to earn 15.5 credits by the end of  each semester in order to graduate in 4 years.  Uncle Sam's SAP regulations enable the student to continue to remain eligible for possible federal aid as long as 10.33 credits are earned at the end of each semester.  This would enable a full-time student to earn sufficient credits to graduate by the end of  six years.  A full-time student who does not maintain the minimum 10.33 credits per semester pace becomes ineligible for aid until sufficient credits are earned which places the student at either the minimum required level or higher in terms of progress towards graduation.

"Are there any other consequences for students who fail to achieve minimum standards of SAP?"

Yes, if SAP pertains to GPA.  If you're placed on BW's probation or suspension list, BW Grant is permanently reduced from your award status.  Here's the penalty:  $250 for academic probation and $500 loss in gift aid support for one of these categories:  academic suspension, board of appeals classification, and warning probation.

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