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2013-14 Grade Level/Status Advance - Additional Loan Request Form

Students who advance from freshman status to sophomore status or sophomore status to junior status in the middle of the academic year may be eligible for additional Federal Direct Loans.

If you are not sure of your grade level/status, log into WebExpress and view the number of completed credits you have earned as of the end of the Fall 2013 semester.

Only complete this form if you have reached sophomore or junior grade level/status after the
Fall 2013 semester. Use this chart as a guide:

Grade Level # of earned, completed credits as of the end of the Fall 2013 semester
sophomore 25-56
junior 57+


Please note: If you earned at least 57 credits by the end of Spring 2013, you are already receiving the maximum Federal student loans available to you as an undergraduate students. There is no additional loan eligibility for students who advance from a junior (57-90 earned credits) to a senior (91+ credits) as of the end of Fall 2013.

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I certify that I am requesting any additional Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan I am eligible for as a result of advancing a grade level at the end of the Fall 2013 semester. By checking the box below, I am requesting the BW Financial Aid Office to process the full amount of any new eligibility limit on my behalf as a result of my advancing a grade level (freshman to sophomore or sophomore to junior).
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If you received extra Federal Unsubsidized Loan as a result of a PLUS Loan denial, would you like us to process any additional unsub for which you may be eligible? *
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