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Pre-Pharmacy Program

Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Pharmacy (NEOUCOP)
3 years at Baldwin Wallace University - 4 years at NEOUCOP
(Bachelor's degree from BW after successful completion of first year of Pharm. D. from NEOUCOP)

Affiliation Program guarantees an interview if the student completes the following:

- Has completed at least 30 semester hours
-Demonstrates the ability to meet ALL the prerequisites prior to admission (see below)
-GPA greater than or equal to 3.5 on the 4.0 scale
-PCAT Composite score greater than or equal to 75th percentile
-Completes ALL other application materials and procedures as required by NEOUCOP
-Meets ALL other criteria as outlined by the NEOUCOP Admissions Committee

 Require Pre-professional Coursework

BW Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

BIO 121L & 122L

Principles of Biology I & II with Lab

8 credit hours

CHM 111/111L & 112/112L

General Chemistry I & II with Lab

8 credit hours

CHM 251/251L &

Organic Chemistry I & II with Lab

8 credit hours

PHY 131/151L & 132/152L or PHY 145L & 146L

General Physics or Applied College Physics

6 credit hours

CHM 311/311L & 411


6 credit hours

MTH 141


3 credit hours

PSY 278, ECN 279 or MTH 135


3 credit hours

ENG 111,131, literature

English Composition/Literature

6 credit hours

ECN 100, 101 or 102


3 credit hours

CSC 121, 131 or 141

Computer Literacy

3 credit hours

CAS 102, 112 or 126


3 credit hours

PSY 100

Principles of Psychological Science

3 credit hours


Social Science Electives

6 credit hours


Humanities Electives

6 credit hours


72 credit hours


BW students wishing to earn their Bachelor's degree will need to complete the University Core Curriculum, a major and a minor. The University will accept 32 semester hours of "C" or better work [8 hours of CHM- elective credit, 4 hours of BIO- Structure/Function credit, 4 hours of BIO- Elective credit, 3 hours of HPE 207W (Nutrition for Daily Living), 4 hours of PSY 303 (Physiological Psychology) and 3 hours of HPE 206 (Medical Terminology)] from the first year of the NEOUCOP program towards the 124 hours required to graduate from Baldwin Wallace University.

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