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What is an Internship?
Internship projects are defined as individualized professionally-oriented experiences undertaken with faculty supervision to supplement or complement the student's academic programs. Career Services facilitates the process by which students earn academic credit for internships. Students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit are required to attend an Internship Orientation Workshop, held every Tuesday at noon in Career Services.

Most internships are designated as 070 credit. However, some specific field or clinical experiences are offered under a course number designated by the Department/Division, e.g. CSC 470. (Please consult the Baldwin Wallace University Handbook for specific details.)

Benefits of Internships
The Internship Program offers students opportunities to:

  • Explore career objectives through career-related experiences;
  • Apply theory learned in the classroom to practice in a work setting;
  • Obtain experience that will aid in pursuing a career following graduation;
  • Develop core skills and personal attributes applicable to the professional world;
  • Test potential career paths without a permanent commitment;
  • Establish a network of professional contacts and mentors who may serve as references and assist with professional, full-time employment searches;
  • Take responsibility for their learning and create a more rewarding college experience.

How Do I Find an Internship?

  • Plan ahead! Begin your internship search early. Internship searches can take up to six months to implement, particularity if you are required to complete an application, need a security clearance, or plan to conduct your internship abroad or in another city.
  • Attend an Internship Orientation Workshop, held every Tuesday at noon in Career Services. Once you have attended an Internship Orientation Workshop you will be able to earn credit for internships "within the maximum number of hours allotted" until you graduate.
  • Establish an account on the BWN ( and complete the Authorization for Release of Information form (a link to this form is available on the BWN). The Authorization for Release of Information form enables employers who have received access to the BWN to review any resumes that you publish to electronic resume books for potential internship opportunities with their organization.

Students who already have a BWN Account should update their profile every six months and keep it up-to-date.

Note to students graduating in 2008 or later: A BWN account with your username and password has already been established for you. Please contact Career Services, Bonds Room 104, or call campus extension x2101 to obtain this information.

  • Get your resume critiqued by a career advisor. Make an individual appointment or visit a career advisor during Express Lane appointments. If you have never created a resume, Resume Writing Clinics are held throughout the semester (times and locations vary; please check the BWN Calendar menu for the Resume Writing Clinic schedule).
  • Upload your current resume to your BWN account, and publish it to as many electronic resume books as possible. By publishing your resume to an electronic resume book in the BWN, employers can request Career Services to forward your resume. If your area of interest and academic background meets the employer's criteria, employers may contact you directly about their internships.
  • Search for internships on the BWN, on, at the Career & Internship Expo, in the directories of the CareerPlace Library in Career Services, and through family, friends, faculty, and staff.

Process to Receive Internship Credit
Before the Internship:

  • Create or update BWN account
  • Attend an Internship Orientation Workshop, held every Tuesday at noon in Career Services.
  • Have at least a sophomore status with a 2.0 GPA or better, and
  • Meet the criteria established by the Department/Division and Career Services.

Once you have secured an internship, complete the following:
Pre-Approval Form
- This form is used to initiate the internship experience by identifying key elements of the internship including the student's Faculty Coordiantor, the internship company/organization, dates of the internship and number of credits students will earn.

  • Acquire and complete an Internship Pre-Approval Form in Career Services to begin the registration process. Return your completed Pre-Approval Form to Career Services for authorization to continue the registration process.
  • Pre-Approval Forms will be reviewed by a career advisor and accepted or denied within two business days.
  • After two business days, pick up a copy of your approved Pre-Approval Form and the Internship Registration Packet in Career Services.
  • If your internship is not approved, a career advisor will call you to discuss your internship further or ask you to provide additional information if needed.

During the first two weeks of your internship, complete the following:

Registration Form - This form will register the internship on the student's schedule as a class.

  • Indicate the semester to which you are applying the credit. Credit for an internship must be taken during the semester that it is worked with the exception of summer semester.  If working an internship during the summer, you may either take it for the number of approved credits and pay per credit hour for summer term or you may defer up to three credits into the fall semester. Students who begin the internships after the ninth week of the semester must apply the credits to the following semester.
  • Calculate the number of credits you have already completed within your major and place appropriately on the Registration Form.
    • The maximum number of Internship Credits a student can earn in any given semester is 12.  A student is permitted to apply up to 13 total credit hours of Internship as electives in their major or minor area of study toward graduation requirements. However, Departments/Divisions determine whether or not credits earned in an internship may be applied toward completion of a major.
    • No more than 13 credit hours earned in internship credit may be counted toward the minimum of 124 credit hours required for graduation. Exceptions to this limit must be approved by the Academic Services Advisory Board.
    • Credit earned in an internship may not be used to satisfy the College Core requirements.
    • The approval of the Academic Services Advisory Board is required whenever an individual wishes to attempt an internship, independent study, or a combination of the two that exceeds 12 credits in any single semester.
  • Sign the form and obtain the signatures of your Faculty Coordinator and Department Chair before submitting it to Career Services.

Data Sheet - This form requires demographic and company information. It is critical that all of information is completed accurately and fully.

  • The beginning and ending dates must be entered along with the hours worked per week in Section 6. The Number of Credits must correspond to the same Number of Credits on the Registration Form.
  • If your internship is on-campus, the Faculty Coordinator and the Employer Supervisor cannot be the same person.

Learning Contract - This form gives you the opportunity to explain what you hope to learn/accomplish during your internship and outlines your goals, objectives, and action plans. It is an agreement between the student, the Faculty Coordinator and the Employer Supervisor.

  • For each credit hour earned, students must work a minimum of 45 hours in activities that support the Learning Contract.
  • Discuss with your Faculty Coordinator how your internship will be evaluated, e.g. midpoint and final meeting, written report or project, weekly journal entries, on-site visitation, etc.
  • Signatures are required from you, your Faculty Coordinator, Department Chair, Employer Supervisor, and Career Services.

IMPORTANT: Submit completed Registration Form, Data Sheet and Learning Contract within the first two weeks of starting the internship. All forms must be accurate and complete.

Prior to concluding the internship, complete the following:

Student and Supervisor Evaluation Forms - These forms provide feedback and dialog regarding the internship experience from the student, Employer Supervisor and Faculty Coordinator.

  • Schedule meetings with your Employer Supervisor and Faculty Coordinator within the last two weeks of your internship to discuss the experience and get their signatures on the appropriate evaluations.
  • Completed Student and Supervisor Evaluations must be submitted to Career Services by the last week of the semester.
  • A grade will not be posted until the Supervisor Evaluation Form with the employer's signature and the Student Evaluation Form with the Faculty Coordinator's signature is submitted to Career Services.
  • Internships are graded on an S/U basis.
  • At the end of the semester, a T-grade (temporary grade) may appear on your transcript.  This T-grade will remain until you submit completed Student and Supervisor Evaluations to Career Services.
  • Award of credit is based on the successful completion of the Learning Contract and a positive Employer Evaluation.
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