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The Departmental Thesis/Project gives ambitious juniors and seniors the opportunity do to intensive work in a particular subject. Students develop their study under the direct supervision of a faculty member as approved be the head of the department in which the study will be done. The departmental thesis/project is intended to afford students an opportunity to engage in study of a significant field of knowledge, to carry on original investigation when possible, and to further develop their abilities of self-expression.

Juniors and seniors may undertake a departmental thesis/project if they have permission from the head of the department in which the work is to be done, and they meet the criteria, including the minimum GPA established by the department for the thesis/project. Although most departmental thesis/project work is taken in the students major field, students may complete work on a special academic interest in a department other than their major.

A student may not pursue more than four credits toward a departmental thesis/project per semester, and no more than twelve total credits of such work may be counted toward graduation requirements; however, individual departments may set a lower limit on total credits allowed for a thesis/project.

The departmental thesis/project is not to serve as a substitute for any courses offered in the organized curriculum. At the discretion of the department chair and the Curriculum Committee, however, the student who has completed A or A+ may be excused from a required course that covers similar material. Thesis/project credit may be applied toward minimum requirements for a major only at the discretion of the department head and the Curriculum Committee.

Students completing a departmental thesis/project are expected to present a paper showing the results of their studies. Guidelines for the format of the paper are available from the office of the Associate Assistant Dean. Creative work in the arts may be substituted for a paper where appropriate. For further details on criteria and format of a departmental thesis/project, students should consult the department in which the work will be done.

At the conclusion of a departmental thesis/project, the student is given an oral examination by the department concerned, but not solely by the faculty member under whom the work was done. Rather, it is customary to invite one or more faculty members form other departments to attend the oral examination.

A departmental thesis/project must be graded; it may not be taken S/U. through the generosity of Dr. James M. Ruegsegger, a 1922 graduate of Baldwin Wallace, A and A+ thesis/projects will be bound and available for reading in Ritter Library. All students who complete a departmental thesis/project with a passing grade will, of course, receive credit.

When exceptional circumstances seem to justify modification of the departmental thesis/project guidelines and requirements, the changes may be made only with the approval of the Curriculum Committee and the head of the department in which the work is to be done.

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