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Arts Management Program

This program is designed to present an overview of skills and techniques required for managers of not-for-profit arts organizations as well as to introduce students to contemporary issues facing such organizations. The program consists of three components: a major or minor in fine arts, a major or minor in business, and special topic courses and internships in arts management. It is possible to complete a major in another field, two minors (one in fine arts and the other in business) and the arts management courses and internships and successfully complete the program. Because of the variety of career paths students in this program may take, faculty advising is a vital part of this program. Student needs, interests, background experience and future aspirations are used as guides to curricular recommendations which enable students to consider multiple options for graduate study or professional employment. For more information about Arts Management, contact program coordinator Bryan Bowser at (440) 826-2366 or

Successful completion of the program will be indicated on the University transcript for students who successfully complete University and program requirements.

Program Requirements
Students enrolled in the program must choose a major field of study, a minor field of study and complete the dedicated Arts Management classes. Failure to complete the Arts Management classes will not prevent a student from graduating, although it will prevent satisfactory completion of the program from appearing on his or her transcript. The program consists at its minimum of the AMG courses, a specialized minor in fine arts, and a minor in Business. Minors may be replaced by a major in the same area where applicable.

There are three components to the program:
1- Arts Management component
2- Fine Arts component
3- Business Administration component

Arts Management Component


Minimum credits required: 15

Required courses (* = Prerequisite Required)



Intro to Arts Management

3 credits



On-Campus Internship

2 credits*



Public Relations, Marketing & Fundraising for the Arts Org.

3 credits*



Senior Experience

1 credit*




3 credits*

One Fine Arts Appreciation Course- Must be chosen from a different
Fine Arts discipline than the student’s Fine Arts component.

3 credits

Fine Arts Component

The Fine Arts component may be satisfied by completing any of the following options:

History Of Art Major

39 credits

Studio Art Major

49 credits

Minor in History of Art

20 credits

Minor in Studio Art

18 credits

Dance Minor

23 credits

Bachelor of Music, Music Major

126.5-137.5 credits

Bachelor of Arts, Music Major

46-46.5 credits

Music Minor

20-22 credits

Theatre Major

44-47 credits

Theatre Minor

21 credits

Business Component

The Business component may be satisfied by completing one of the following options:

Business Administration Major

58 credits

Business Administration Minor

28 credits

Accounting Major

58 credits

Accounting Minor

25 credits

Finance Major

58 credits

Finance Minor

28 credits

Human Resources Major

58 credits

Human Resources Minor

24 credits

Management Major

58 credits

Management Minor

21 credits

Marketing Major

58 credits

Marketing Minor

21 credits

Entrepreneurship Minor

21 credits

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