Career Services


Job and Internship Search

Career Services assists students with the job and internship search through skill development and specialized programs.

Job Search Skill Development

  • Teaching students resume and job search letter writing
  • Professional networking and job search techniques
  • Tools to help students ace an interview
  • Teaching students how to pursue internships to enhance career preparation

 Job and Internship Programs

  • Exploring Internships Workshop
  • Internship Registration Workshop
  • Resume Writing Clinic
  • Annual Career and Internship Expo
  • Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day
  • Employer Meet & Greets
  • On Campus Recruiting

Self-Service Job Search Resources

Cover Letters - Site provides resources to assist with cover letter writing
Seven Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter - Get your application noticed
The Letter Writing Guide - Letter writing resource courtesy of Career Services, Florida State University
The Riley Guide - Advice for cover letter preparation and other job search correspondence
The Writing Center - Excellent resource for cover letter development, courtesy of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Interviewing - Comprehensive resource for behavioral interview preparation
Behavioral Interviewing Tips - Site courtesy of Career Services, Virginia Tech
Perfect Interview - A simulated interview experience; includes a video capture option, which allows user to record and playback responses to interview questions with a webcam.  To access, please contact the Office of Career Services at 440-826-2101.
Job Search
Industry Information
Industry Research Desk - Provides links to U.S and international industry home pages in over 30 areas
Projections - Comprehensive resource to search for hot jobs in specific career fields
Valuation - Free resource guide to industry resources and data for over 400 industries
WetFeet Industry Insider Guides - A valuable career resource to explore specific industry information
Job Listings
BW Career Network - An online database to post resume(s), search/apply for jobs and connect with alumni career mentors Listing of undergrad and post grad internships available in the Northeast Ohio area
NACElink Jobs - Job search resource provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers
Job Search Engines - Includes entry level employment listings and information - Career hub for tech insiders - An excellent resource for finding job listings quickly from across the Web
JobMap - A great resource to locate jobs. - Career and job search advice for new college graduates
Local Area Job Search - Link to jobs in the Cuyahoga County area
Lorain County Hometown Jobs - Search for employment in Lorain County
Making the - Research employment in the public service sector
O*Net - System provides easy access to comprehensive occupational information, including wages and employment trends - Site is resource for those seeking government jobs in Ohio
Riley Guide - Free career and employment information
Simply - Search millions of job listings from across the web - A resource to tap into government employment opportunities
Women for - National career fair and diversity recruitment information as well as career advice for women.  Site also provides information about home-based jobs.
Workforce - An extensive database of employment opportunities across all sectors nationwide
BW Career Network - Contains CareerConnections, an online database that allows users to connect with alumni career mentors
LinkedIn a professional social networking site
Riley Guide for Networking - Provides advice on important aspects of the job search
The Seven Secrets to the Hidden Job Market - A downloadable webinair with information on how to tap into this viable job market
BW Career Services Resume & Cover Letter Writing Guide - Copies available for students in Room 104 Bonds
GradView Accepted Resume Formats - Information about resume formats, including sample resumes
JobStar Central Functional Resume - Defines functional resume format and provides sample resumes
Hanover College Psychology Department - Outline and instructions to create a curriculum vitae
JobStar Central CV Page - Currculum vita defined and outside sources listed
Writing a Curriculum Vitae - Includes detailed explanation of curriculum vitae and lists additional references.  Site courtesy of the Career Services, University of Virginia.
Bureau of Labor Statistics - Search for wages by area and occupation
NACE Salary Calculator Center - Access compensation information based on specific search criteria - Allows user to research and compare salaries in specific occupations

Additional Resources

BrainTrak - Proivdes in-depth US college and career profiles, including degree and wage statistics
Dress for Success - A resource complements of the Career Services Center, University of San Francisco
Relocation - compares salaries, real estate values, school systems, crime rates and other information for people looking to move
Free Business Cards - A service of VistaPrint
Need to Know JOB INFO - NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) online JobChoices Newsletters provide the most up to date information available about the current job market


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