TO:                 OAC Swim Coaches


FROM:                       Matt Lenhart, Swim Coach, John Carroll University


SUBJECT:                 2004 OAC Swimming Championships







            The 2004 OAC Swimming & Diving Championships will be hosted by John Carroll University, at Case Western Reserve University on February 12, 13, and 14.


            Entry forms will be e-mailed to you by this weekend. Please e-mail a copy of your roster containing name, year, hometown, event, coaches and managers as soon as possible for inclusion in the program.


            All entrants above the allowed 18 scoring must be designated at the time of entry submission.  Please designate with an X in front of the entrants name.  Three divers who dive only count as one entry.  Any diver who swims an event is counted as one entry.


            Final entry deadline for the Championship is Thursday, February 5, 2004.   Your entries must be faxed to me by 5:00 PM, Thursday, February 5, 2004. The e-mail address to send them is Mlenhart@jcu.edu.  Or fax them to 216-397-3043 attn Matt Lenhart.


            The seed time for the 1650 will be their 1,000 time.


            Seed for 400 IM is 400 IM time.




Note the change in time and structure of the diving events.  They will take place in total between Swimming Prelims and finals on Thursday February 12 and Friday February 13th.  There will not be any diving during the evening finals sessions.


Parking is in the Veale Parking garage next to the Veale Center.  It is run separately from CWRU, if guidelines are not followed you will have to pay full fee for parking. After entering the garage bring the parking ticket with you into the swimming pool.  It will be stamped and you then return the stamped ticket to the attendant.  Parents and other spectators will have to pay for their parking.  There are no exceptions.  If you are bringing a bus it must park in lot 44 which is adjacent to the Veale Center.  A map is available by going to the following web-site http//parking.cwru.edu/map/map.htm and clicking on the #44 to enlarge.


The final major change is that each team MUST provide one volunteer to act as a back up timer during ALL sessions, and if your team is diving one worker to help with the diving table.  Due to the nature of this year’s championship John Carroll cannot provide all the necessary staff as we have every year in the past.


            After talking with Tim Gleason it was decided that the entry fee will be determined after the meet is run and all expenses are known.  I anticipate that the final cost should not be anymore than the $300.00 it has been in the past.  In fact with the addition of additional teams it may be less than in years past.









WELCOME to the 62nd Men’s and 14th Women's Ohio Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Championships hosted by John Carroll University. The host facility for this year's championship is the Veale Natatorium on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.


FACILITIES The racing pool has eight lanes which are seven feet wide. We will be using 6 lanes during all competition with lanes 1 and 8 as empty lanes. Each lane is divided by  Keifer/McNeil competitor lane markers. The pool ranges in depth from 12 feet to 6 feet deep. Paragon sloped starting blocks are used.

- Water temperature is maintained at 80 degrees while air temperature is approximately 82 degrees.

- Colorado Timing Systems will be used during the meet.

- The diving well is 13 feet deep under the boards. There are  one1-Meter board and one 3- Meter    board.

SEATING There will be assigned team areas on deck for all competitors.


PRACTICE SCHEDULE The pool will be available for warm-ups at these times:

                                    Wednesday, February 11        6:00 PM -    9:00 PM

                        Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM 4:30 - 5:45 PM


 Quiet Warm-ups ( no diving) in far swimming end past the bulkhead are permitted during swim events.


LOCKERS Lockers will be provided to the competitors. Swimmers must provide their own towels and locks. No overnight locker service is available.


TRAINING ROOM AND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE A training room with certified staff will be open during the entire meet. The trainer is not available for rub downs.


NUMBER OF EVENTS A competitor is permitted to participate in a maximum of seven events, of which no more than three may be individual events.


 SCORING Individual Events - Championship Final


                                                            Consolation Final


                                                            Relay Events


AWARDS             Individual and Relay Certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.

                        Team  - Trophies for 1st (M & W)

                        Special - High Point (MVS)

                        High Point Women (WVS)

                        Men's Coach of the Year

                        Women's Coach of the Year


COACHES MEETING            There will be a Coaches meeting at 9:30 AM on Thursday, February 14th in the storage area off the pool deck. Please be prompt.


QUESTIONS Direct all inquiries to Matt Lenhart (216) 397-4368 - OFFICE

                                                                           or (440) 542-0650 - HOME

































11:00 AM




            1                                  200            yd. Free Relay                                                        W       

            2                                  200             yd. Free Relay

            3                                  500            yd. Freestyle                                                          W

            4                                  500             yd. Freestyle                                                          M


            5                                  200            yd. Individual Medley                                     W

            6                                  200            yd. Individual Medley                                     M


            7                                  50             yd. Freestyle                                                          W

            8                                  50             yd. Freestyle                                                          M

            11                                400            yd. Medley Relay                                       W

            12                                400            yd. Medley Realy                                       M


                                                AFTER MORNING PRELIMS


            9                                  1-Meter Diving                                                    M

            10                                1-Meter Diving                                                    W





            1-2                               200            yd. Freestyle Relay                                     W & M


            3-4                               500            yd. Freestyle                                                          W & M


            5-6                               200             yd. Individual Medley                                     W & M


            7-8                               50            yd. Freestyle                                                          W & M


                        20 Minute Intermission


            11-12                           400            yd. Medley Relay                                       W & M


All events are consolation (7-12) and championship (1-6) finals.


One heat of the relay events will be swum with finals and will be the championship final.










11:00 AM


Event Number

13                                            200             yd. Medley Relay                                       W

14                                            200            yd. Medley Relay                                       M


15                                            400            yd. Individual Medley                                     W       

16                                            400            yd. Individual Medley                                     M


17                                            100             yd. Butterfly                                                           W

18                                            100            yd. Butterfly                                                           M


19                                            200             yd. Freestyle                                                          W

20                                            200            yd. Freestyle                                                          M


21                                            100            yd. Breaststroke                                         W

22                                            100            yd. Breaststroke                                         M


23                                            100            yd. Backstroke                                                       W

24                                            100            yd. Backstroke                                                       M


25                                            800            yd. Free Relay                                                        W

26                                            800             yd. Free Relay                                                        M




9                                              3            Meter Diving                                                   M

10                    3 Meter Diving W




13-14                                       200            yd. Medley Relay                                       W & M


15-16                                       400            yd. Individual Medley                                     W & M


17-18                                       100            yd. Butterfly                                                           W & M


19-20                                       200            yd. Freestyle                                                          W & M


21-22                                       100            yd. Breaststroke                                         W & M


23-24                                       100            yd. Backstroke                                                       W & M


                                                            20 Minute Intermission


25-26                                       800            yd. Freestyle Relay                                     W & M









11:00 AM


Event Number


29                                            200            yd. Backstroke                                           W

30                                            200            yd. Backstroke                                           M


31                                            100             yd. Freestyle                                                          W

32                    100 yd. Freestyle M


33                                            200            yd. Breaststroke                                         W

34                                            200            yd. Breaststroke                                         M


35                                            200            yd. Butterfly                                                           W

36                                            200             yd. Butterfly                                                           M


38                                            400            yd. Free Relay                                                        W

39                                            400             yd. Free Relay                                                        M


                                                10 Minute Warmup


27-28                                       1,650            yd. Freestyle                                                          W & M

                                                (All but last heat of finals)




27-28                                     1,650   yd. Freestyle                                                     W & M                       

29-30                                      200            yd. Backstroke                                                            W & M


31-32                                      100             yd. Freestyle                                                            W & M


33-34                                      200            yd. Breaststroke                                                W & M


35-36                                      200            yd. Butterfly                                                            W & M


                                                            20 Minute Intermission


39-40                                      400            yd. Freestyle Relay                                                W & M










THURSDAY            FEBRUARY 12, 2004            ALL ONE METER DIVING





            WED               FEB 11            5:00 PM             -            6:00 PM            Open Boards

                                                            8:00 PM            -            9:00 PM            Open Boards

            THURS            FEB 12            8:00 AM            -            9:30 AM            Open Boards

                                                            12:30 PM            -            1:30 PM            Participants Only

                                                            1:30 PM            -            4:00 PM            One Meter Board

            FRI                  FEB 13            8:00 AM            -            9:30 AM            Open Boards

                                                            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM            Participants Only

                                                            2:00 PM            -            4:00 PM            Three Meter Board


* - This schedule may be altered based on entries to facilitate smooth operation of the meet.  You will be notified of any change to this schedule within 24 hours of the entry deadline.


All sheets will be checked by both the Meet Director and the Head Referee, however the accuracy remains the responsibility of the athlete.  Diving sheets are due by 9:00 PM:


Feb 11 for One Meter / Feb 12 for Three Meter


All contests will consist of a complete “Championship” list of dives.  There will be no finals this year.  All dives will be done in the afternoon.  There will be no cutting, all entrants will do all of their dives.


The awards will be presented during the swimming finals that night.  All divers who finish in the top 12 will be expected to be present for the awards ceremony.


All coaches (or coach’s designate) will be expected to judge all events.  Panels will be determined at the meet.


Video taping of all athletes will be provided by JCU.  There is a limited amount of space that meets NCAA standards and not enough room for 6 cameras.


If you have any questions please call me at JCU 216-397-1624 or E-mail at <lfellinger@jcu.edu>.

Thank you and Good Luck.



                                                                        Lewis H. Fellinger                                                                                                                               Head Diving Coach

                                                                        John Carroll University