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Mailing Address:
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Road
Berea, OH 44017


Kris A. Diaz Athletic Director 440-826-2309
Cheri Harrer Senior Women's Administrator 440-826-3299
Meg Carney Athletic Department Business Manager 440-826-2140
Marcy James Athletic Department Secretary 440-826-2184

Sports Information

Kevin Ruple Sports Information Director 440-826-2327
Jeff Miller Assistant Sports Information Director 440-826-2780 

Sports Medicine

Andrea Cook

Head Athletic Trainer 440-826-8051

Karyn Gentile

Program Director of ATEP/Assistant Athletic Trainer  440-826-3463
Jessica Cudnik Associate Athletic Trainer 440-826-2387
Siobhan Huggins-Sullivan Associate Athletic Trainer 440-826-2186
Shannon Markuz Cleveland Clinic Trainer 440-826-8561
Jennifer Brantingham Cleveland Clinic Trainer 440-826-8570

   Equipment and Facilities

Chad Ritchie Director of Athletic Facilities and Equipment 440-826-2095
Duane Smith Stadium Operations Director 440-826-2195


Brian Harrison
Head Baseball Coach 440-826-2182
Bob Merritt
Pitching Coach 440-826-2182
Zach McGrain Assistant Pitching Coach 440-826-2182
Jerry Cowley Infielders Coach 440-826-2182  
Ryan Tevepaugh Outfielders Coach 440-826-2182  
John  Ulanski
Catchers/Hitting Coach 440-826-2182   

Basketball (Men's)

Duane Sheldon Head Men's Basketball Coach 440-826-2115
Jon Carroll Assistant Coach 440-826-2115
Tom Heil Assistant Coach 440-826-2183
Don Hershey Assistant Coach 440-826-2115
Tom Thompson Assistant Coach 440-826-2115  

Basketball (Women's)

Cheri Harrer Head Women's Basketball Coach 440-826-3299
Alyson Campbell Assistant Coach 440-826-3433
Corey Kreinbrink Assistant Coach 440-826-3299

Cross Country (Men's and Women's)

Bill Taraschke Head Cross Country Coach 440-826-3322
Eric Schmuhl Assistant Coach 440-826-2009


John Snell Head Football Coach 440-826-2069
Jamie Fleming Wide Receivers/Kickers/Punters Coach 440-826-2073
Tom Gimper Offensive Line/Assistant JV Coach 440-826-3644 
Keith Grabowski Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach 440-826-5942
Mark Jochum Offensive Line Coach 440-826-2237
Mike Kelly Tight Ends 440-826-3644
Jim Meyer Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Line Coach 440-826-5941
Roy Moore Linebackers and Head Freshman Coach 440-826-2073
Kevin Phipps Linebackers Coach 440-826-3644 
Marzell Pink Defensive Line Coach 440-826-3644
Jeff Reardon Defensive Backs Coach 440-826-2073
Mike Smith Assistant Offensive Line Coach 440-826-2073

Golf (Men's)

Tom Heil Head Men's Golf Coach 440-826-2183

Golf (Women's)

Alyson Campbell
Head Women's Golf Coach 440-826-3433

Lacrosse (Men's)
Jason Tarnow Head Men's Lacrosse Coach  440-826-6959
Lacrosse (Women's)
Kim Russell Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 440-826-6957

Soccer (Men's)

Reid Ayers

Head Men's Soccer Coach

Tom Crabill Assistant Coach 440-826-3824  

Kurt Krueger

Assistant Coach


Louie Rolko

Assistant Coach


Soccer (Women's)

Reid Ayers

Head Women's Soccer Coach


Jim Wojtkun

Assistant Coach


Tom Crabill

Assistant Coach



Tom Spencer Head Softball Coach 440-826-3398
Gary Saunders Assistant Coach 440-826-3398  
Joe Yocabet Assistant Coach 440-826-3398  

Swimming and Diving (Men's and Women's)

Laura Wolff Head Men's and Women's Coach 440-826-2387   
Tim Croy Diving Coach 440-826-2387

Tennis (Men's)

Brian Rector Head Men's Tennis Coach 440-826-3819

Tennis (Women's)

Jack Bethlenfalvy

Head Women's Tennis Coach 440-826-5931

Track & Field (Men's and Women's)

Bill Taraschke Head Track & Field Coach 440-826-3322
Craig Braithwaite Assistant Coach 440-826-3644
Eric Schmuhl Recruiting, Jumps and Combined Events 440-826-2009
Todd Swisher Hurdles and Sprints Coach 440-826-3644
Kevin Phipps Throws Coach 440-826-3644 


Vicki Brault Head Volleyball Coach 440-826-3254


Jamie Gibbs Head Wrestling Coach 440-826-3258 

Student-Athlete Services

Jaime Yager Coordinator of Student-Athlete Services 440-826-2356
Vicki Brault Assistant Coordinator of Student-Athlete Services 440-826-3254

To contact a coach that is not listed in the above table, please contact Athletic Department Secretary Marcy James or Administrative Assistant and Business Manager Meg Carney.  The athletic department FAX machine can be reached by calling 440-826-2192.

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