BW Baseball Yellow Jacket Award

Given annually to the exemplary baseball student-athlete who demonstrated a year-round dedication to baseball and to the team, as well as a positive attitude toward the game and his teammates, along with a work ethic and a style of unselfish play and leadership, that, if emulated by anyone, would make for a better player and a better teammate.

1985 Bill Kraus Second Baseman

Two-Time Recipient Cody Kidd


1987 Chip Lyons Pitcher
1988 Doug Dockus Second Baseman
1989 Dan DeVoe Third Baseman
1990 Ron Mudra Third Baseman
1991 Ron Mudra Third Baseman
1992 Brad Boynar Outfielder
1993 Rick Simmons Shortstop
1994 Ken Davenport Pitcher
  Joel Nichols Outfielder/Designated Hitter
1995 Jamie Barton Pitcher
1996 Max Newill Pitcher
1997 T.J. Shalak Catcher/First Baseman/Outfield
1998 George Toland Third Baseman
2000 Todd Bratz Third Baseman
2001 Jason Elias First Baseman
2002 Brian Keller Outfielder
  Adam Pajakowski Catcher
2003 Jason Elias First Baseman/Designated Hitter
  Cal Snyder Pitcher
2004 Mike Farrell Designated Hitter/Outfield
2005 Dan Melito Outfielder
2006 Dan Melito Outfielder
  Kevin Brown Second Baseman
2007 Cody Kidd Outfielder
  Riley Kreisher First Baseman
2008 Cody Kidd Outfielder
  Brandon Fredericks Pitcher
2009 Chris Nealon Outfielder/Pitcher
  Ben Stoper Outfielder
2010 Jordan Barnett Catcher
  Joe Wickens First Baseman
2011 Brendan Toughey Outfielder
2012 Matt Kulick First Basemen
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