2010 NCAA Outdoor T&F Championships


Women's Heptathlon

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Notes: Senior Courtney Hartman of Bridgewater (Va.) won the heptathlon with 4,904 points. She was also sixth last year. Concoria Moorhead senior Leah Kay became a three-time All-American with a second place finish of 4,812 points. Hope College junior Kara VandeGuchte was third with a score of 4,724 points.

Courtney Hartman Quotes
On her progression throughout the seven events: ďThe first event is the 100 hurdles. I actually didnít run that event until I got to college. I think my first hurdle race ever was 18 seconds and some change. I came out yesterday and in the event I ran I believe a 15.24, which is a personal best for me. Thatís definitely what I needed to kick start my run toward my goal of a championship. The next event is the high jump, and I have struggled with that all year. I have been going to a chiropractor all season for my back. I have just had some major back problems, and just a week ago I was doing some hurdle drills and I tweaked my back once again. My back gave out on me, and I was out for a good five days. I wasnít really able to jump at all, so I just went out there and gave my best. The next event was shot put, another event I really couldnít practice because of my back. But, I did throw close to a personal best which I was happy about that. The 200 is my event. I qualified for that event last year at nationals, but I didnít make the finals because of the whole heptathlon event. I went out and ran a very good 25 and change, and that definitely made it a very good day. Todayís events started with the long jump. I jumped a 16-8, which is about an average jump for me. In javelin, thatís an event I struggled with all year. I think my best coming into today was 116 feet, and my first two throws were 105 and 110 feet. Those were OK with me, but I knew I had a bigger throw in me, and my 120-foot throw put me in the lead and definitely put me out there. Going into the 800, I knew I was in a good spot, but I had no idea I was leading. I just knew I had to go out and bust an 800. My coach came up to me right before the race, and told me Ďthis is it, go out and get it done, and leave nothing on the track.í You have a national championship in your grasp. The goal was to be an All-American again, and I didnít have that in mind. I just wanted to go out there and not leave anything left in me.
On the camaraderie between all your competitors: ďThe heptathlon is awesome. It is definitely a unique event. Coming into the meet, you are on your own in terms of trying to stay focused. But, when you get to the meet, all the athletes meet each other, and get to know each other. We definitely form a bond with each other. Before the hurdles, all the competitors got in a circle and we said a prayer. We prayed for each otherís safety, and ultimately that worked out for us. Itís not about racing about them. Itís about preparing for your own race.Ē
What your plans after graduation? ďI am actually getting married here in August. So, I guess I better start getting ready for that as it is coming up quickly.Ē

    1 Courtney Hartman, Sr, Bridgewater (Virginia        4904 
            (15.24, 1.55, 10.95, 25.08, 5.08, 36.59, 2:24.60) 
                                           DIII Season's Best 
    2 Leah Kay, Sr, Concordia Moorhead                   4812 
            (15.84, 1.61, 10.81, 26.72, 4.74, 44.70, 2:24.38) 
                                           DIII Season's Best 
    3 Kara VandeGuchte, Jr, Hope College                 4724 
            (14.88, 1.61, 10.04, 26.35, 5.06, 35.38, 2:32.24) 
                                      Ties DIII Season's Best 
    4 Janey Helland, Jr, Gustavus Adolphus               4722 
             (16.30, 1.64, 9.00, 26.93, 5.44, 37.06, 2:22.86) 
    5 Jill Ziskovsky, Jr, Central College (Ia)           4669 
             (15.76, 1.61, 9.27, 25.80, 5.10, 32.10, 2:23.40) 
    6 Courtney Lauer, Jr, De Pauw University             4581 
            (16.33, 1.58, 10.20, 26.75, 4.85, 35.54, 2:20.39) 
    7 Jenna Starck, Sr, Wisconsin La Crosse              4572 
             (15.53, 1.64, 8.91, 26.27, 4.85, 34.23, 2:28.83) 
    8 Candace Norville, Sr, Illinois College             4571 
            (15.04, 1.58, 10.41, 26.63, 4.95, 25.23, 2:22.42) 
    9 Carissa Bentz, Sr, Central College (Ia)            4532 
            (16.19, 1.52, 12.14, 27.43, 4.92, 36.19, 2:27.93) 
   10 JoLyn Owen, Fr, Wisconsin Whitewater               4520 
             (16.28, 1.61, 9.84, 27.14, 5.10, 38.20, 2:33.15) 
   11 Caitlin McGrane, Sr, Univ of Puget Sound           4389 
             (15.05, 1.46, 8.58, 26.30, 4.80, 27.46, 2:19.25) 
   12 Reny Colton, So, ClaremontMuddScripps              4349 
             (15.27, 1.52, 9.40, 26.53, 5.20, 26.27, 2:34.44) 
   13 Kaelene Lundstrum, Sr, Gustavus Adolphus           4339 
            (15.59, 1.58, 11.84, 27.27, 4.83, 28.87, 2:41.86) 
   14 Megan Stringer, Fr, Illinois College               4157 
             (15.87, 1.52, 9.39, 28.07, 5.02, 39.44, 2:51.69) 
   15 Beth Stam, So, George Fox Univ                     4131 
            (16.72, 1.49, 10.40, 27.71, 5.00, 39.47, 2:49.65) 
   16 Christine Nelson, So, Carthage College             4130 
             (16.77, 1.43, 9.22, 26.68, 4.82, 30.92, 2:26.28) 
   17 Caitlin Wilson, So, Central College (Ia)           3690 
                 (15.77, 1.61, 9.51, 27.44, 4.83, 31.94, DNF) 
      Emma Dewart, So, Ithaca College                      ND 
                    (14.59, 1.70, 8.77, 25.65, 5.16, NM, DNC) 
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