2010 NCAA Outdoor T&F Championships


Women's 5,000-Meter Run

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Notes: University of Chicago junior Liz Lawton recorded a distance double winning the women's 5,000-meter run a time of 16:54.05. Lawton also took the 10K title on Thursday. Westfield State senior Kerry Arouca was second in 17:01.28 and DePauw University senior Lauren Reich was third in 17:01.71.

Liz Lawton Quotes
What have you done in the last two days to prepare for the 5K? “I really didn’t do a whole lot on Thursday night. I talked to my family and friends. We were all really excited, and I didn’t sleep very much. Yesterday, we just came here and watched and cheered on my teammates, and we got Panera. We stayed out of the sun, and I probably drank about 30 bottles of water. I just wanted to stay hydrated and ultimately stay out of the sun. They pushed the 10K race back on Thursday due to the heat, but there was really no option today to push this one back. So, the sun was beating down on the track and it was really hot out there.”
Walk us through your race: “Well Kerry (Arouca) went out quickly, and I wanted to stay with her. Her first lap was a 74, and I was like wow, that is very fast. The first mile was in at around 5:15, which was a little faster than I had initially expected at the beginning. Around six or seven laps to go, I came back and took the lead. I knew I had to keep pushing and continue to negative my splits back down to try and pull away from the field. It was really hot on the track, and the sun was beating down and it was definitely not a comfortable race at all. But, I knew with a mile and a half or so to go, I had to really push the pace and run my own race. I knew the field went out fast. I never trained when it was this hot out, so I knew it was going to be a ‘survival’ race.”
Is this how you expected to go home, a two-time national champion? “I knew that I trained really hard for both events. You can’t come into something and not try to win it. I mean if you come into it and don’t try, you need to focus on the task at hand. You always try and go for that top spot knowing you have a shot.”
5000 Meter Run
    1 Liz Lawton, Jr, University of Chicago          16:54.05           
    2 Kerry Arouca, Sr, Westfield State              17:01.28           
    3 Lauren Reich, Sr, De Pauw University           17:01.71           
    4 Simone Childs-Walker, So, Carleton College     17:01.75           
    5 Alicia Freese, Sr, Pomona-Pitzer               17:04.46           
    6 Laura Paulsen, Sr, Johns Hopkins               17:06.42           
    7 Jackie Spelts, Sr, Nebraska Wesleyan           17:09.98           
    8 Ravenna Neville, Sr, Wesleyan University       17:18.59           
    9 Megan O'grady, So, CarrollUniversity(Wi)       17:22.84           
   10 Stephanie Perleberg, Sr, Wisconsin La Crosse   17:28.39           
   11 Greta Sieve, Sr, St. Catherine                 17:38.75           
   12 Hannah Humbach, Sr, Wisconsin Eau Claire       17:42.32           
   13 Michelle Wallace, Sr, College of New Jersey    17:47.95           
   14 Anna Kraayenbrink, Sr, Wartburg College        17:57.37           
   15 Jen Rawls, Fr, Rowan University                18:01.55           
   16 Catherine Campbell, So, Dickinson College      18:10.08           
   17 Elizabeth Smit, Sr, Calvin College             18:18.50           
   18 Elaine Simpson, Sr, Case Western Reserve       19:06.16           
      Taryn Surtees, Jr, Washington (Missouri)            DNF         
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