2010 NCAA Outdoor T&F Championships


Women's 10,000-Meter Run

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Notes: University of Chicago junior Liz Lawton set a stadium record with a winning time of 34:41.59 in the 10,000-meter run. Pomona-Pitzer senior Alicia Freese was second and Carelton College sophomore Simone Childs-Walker was third.

Liz Lawton Quotes
Was this your plan all along, or were you peaking at the right time? My coaches peaked me at just the right time. All the different types of training we were doing truly helped me tonight. I was injured during the cross country season, so I just came back for the indoor season and really worked very hard. When I qualified for this meet, it was in terrible conditions. It was very humid and hot, and there were actually tornados that afternoon right after the meet. Working on my 5K last weekend, I knew that I had the capability to go out there and run a 10K.
How the start time being pushed back and the weather affected her: As we all know, it was very hot this afternoon. The sun was strong, and the heat even an hour ago would have worn us out much quicker. I am so glad they pushed it back like they did. I am not sure of the exact temperature on the track, but that little bit of time made such a huge difference tonight for me personally. It was bad at 6:30, so 7:40 was truly a God-send for us to run at that time.
Feelings on the race from her perspective: I jumped out early and that was my plan. I like to run the race how I like to run my race. The only way losing a race is knowing that I ran my own race. I dont want to have any excuses. I want to run my race how I want to run it. My coach told me to set a pace for myself around 35 minutes, as we figured it would be close to a winning time. I went out and set my own pace. I felt really comfortable around the 5K point in the race. The miles kind of flew by, and there was never really a freak out moment where I thought I better go quicker. I ran my own race, and I am so happy about that right now.

Women's 10k Photo Finish


10000 Meter Run    
    1 Liz Lawton, Jr, University of Chicago          34:41.59               
                                           DIII Season's Best    
                                               Stadium record    
         Was 35:47.74; Cheryl Smith, Fr, Cortland State U N Y    
    2 Alicia Freese, Sr, Pomona-Pitzer               35:23.79               
    3 Simone Childs-Walker, So, Carleton College     35:51.46               
    4 Jenny Scherer, Sr, St. Norbert College         36:01.30               
    5 Megan O'grady, So, CarrollUniversity(Wi)       36:04.25               
    6 Jessica Koster, Sr, Calvin College             36:28.33               
    7 Jennifer Gossels, Fr, Williams College         36:30.83               
    8 Taryn Surtees, Jr, Washington (Missouri)       36:38.67               
    9 Stefanie Braun, So, Plattsburgh S U N Y        37:25.45               
   10 Mia Symoniak, Sr, Allegheny College            37:47.74               
   11 Jennifer Tave, So, ClaremontMuddScripps        37:54.02               
   12 Joy Shufeldt, Fr, Whitworth University         37:58.55               
   13 Kate Leugers, Jr, Ithaca College               38:08.95               
   14 Jesi Hale, Sr, Calvin College                  38:09.58               
   15 Catherine Campbell, So, Dickinson College      38:14.10               
   16 Kirsten Keller, Fr, New York University        38:22.97               
   17 Alina Gatowski, Jr, Mass Inst Technology       38:45.42               
      Jackie Spelts, Sr, Nebraska Wesleyan                DNF   


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