2010 NCAA Outdoor T&F Championships


BW Junior Kim Chinn Takes Second in 3,000-Meter Steeplechase

Kim Chinn finished second in the
3,000-meter steeplechase.

By: Norm Weber
May 28, 2010

BEREA, OHIO – Baldwin Wallace's Kim Chinn made a name for herself on the national stage on Friday at the NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships.
A 10th seed and rookie at the steeplechase, Chinn wound up taking second on her home course here today.
 “Just getting here in this event was enough of a thrill for me since it is still a new event to me,” said Chinn. “I was hoping to finish no lower than 10th and if I had a good race would have been happy taking eighth. The whole race I knew it could be my best race ever since I jumped out and was at least fifth most of the race. By the middle, I was hoping to finish at least eighth, and if I could get in the top five that would be great. I really surprised myself with a second place. Hearing all my friends yelling my name throughout the 7 ½ laps was a big help.”
Shortly after finishing, Chinn went down and had to be helped off the track but recovered within five minutes and was able to function normally. Then she received a big hug from teammate D’Arcy Hlavin, who is the most local participant in the nationals, having run the the 1,500 meters yesterday after having graduated not only from BW but also Berea High, right across the street from The Tressel Field Track in Finnie Stadium.
“In past years, my coaches always kept me away from this race because they were afraid I might get hurt,” Chinn said. “Whenever I would ask about it, they would say, no, no, no. Then at the end of last year we had a last chance meet and I talked them into letting me try it and they let me since it was the last race and if I did get hurt I would have enough time to recuperate to fall.”
She had a fair race but liked it enough that she was able to convince the staff to making it a regular race for her this season.
“Even getting the 10th best time in the country coming in was something well beyond what I expected,” said Chinn. “To finish top eight, let alone second, seemed to be so tough but once I got a groove going I just kept feeling better about it.”
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