Outstanding Educator Award

The Baldwin Wallace University Outstanding Educator Awards are presented to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of education, both in and out of the classroom.  The recipients of this award do more than teach, they inspire!  They are role models, friends and mentors.  They represent the legions of excellent educators who are charged with molding tomorrow's world through the education of today's students.   

This award honors outstanding alumni for their achievements, leadership and contributions to their profession or field of study, school or district and, most importantly, their students.

Recommended Criteria:
Recipients must have graduated from Baldwin Wallace University (either undergraduate or graduate degrees).  Preference will be give to nominees who received their teacher education at BW.  No faculty, staff or administrators (unless they are BW alumni) shall be eligible for the award.

  1. Ability to be in Berea to receive the award shall not be a criterion.

  2. The Outstanding Educator Award may be conferred posthumously.

  3. Nominees shall be judged on their achievements since graduating from the College.

  4. Nominees will be kept on file and reviewed annually for five years.

Nominee_________________________________________ Yr. of Grad.____


City_____________________________________ State _____ Zip ________

Home Phone_____________________ Work Phone_____________________

Please provide a brief statement of why you feel this nominee should receive the
Baldwin Wallace University Outstanding Educator Award. Please give specific
information that would qualify the above nominee for this award (see criteria
above). Attach separate sheet or write on the reverse of this page.

Nominated by__________________________________________________

Date_____________ Phone Number_______________

Send to: Alumni Office Outstanding Educator Award Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Rd. Berea, OH 44017


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