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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Why BW

Active Learning

There’s a powerful dimension of learning that comes from engaging with others, tackling tough problems, and being steeped in real professional environments. BW will give you access to that dimension through internships, service learning, and other practice-based experiences. Through research projects and study tours, you’ll work side-by-side with your professors, contributing your ideas and benefiting from their experience. You’ll find ample opportunity to put your mind and hands to work.

Internships. You’ll have your choice of internships in large and small businesses and non-profit and government agencies, both in Cleveland and around the world. While some majors require participation in the internship program, most students choose to participate voluntarily. Last year, BW students completed approximately four hundred for-credit internships!

Research opportunities. In addition to being dedicated teachers, BW professors are passionateResearch scholars and researchers. Best of all, they're eager to share their work with you. You'll find research projects in all fields. Off-campus, You'll have the opportunity to work on research in first-rate institutions and businesses in Cleveland and beyond.

Service learning. You'll participate in thoughtfully-organized service experiences that are integrated into the curriculum.

Study abroad and study tours. You'll have the chance to come into direct contact with other cultures through study abroad programs and through seminars that use on-site experience to enhance the classroom curriculum.

David Brain Leadership Program. Offered as a multi-disciplinary minor, The Brain Program in Leadership Studies is designed to educate people for and about leadership.  Students gain critical skills in research and presentation while working with a faculty advisor to develop service projects in the area of their major.

Carmel Living/Learning Center. The newest residence hall on campus, Carmel provides students with a distinctive living and learning experience. Students living in Carmel take at least one common course per semester. These courses combine co-curricular assignments and activities with increased student-faculty interaction to provide students with a collaborative academic environment.

Business Plan Clinic. At the clinic, you can work with faculty and entrepreneurs-in-residence to craft actual business plans for entrepreneurs looking to grow and/or improve their businesses. Students who participate in the clinic become fully trained in all aspects of business plan development.