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Carla McElhaney - Music
Associate Professor of Piano; Chair Keyboard Dept.
D.M.A., M.M., The University of Texas at Austin; B.M., Eastman School of Music.
What have you learned while teaching at B-W?:
That learning is a never-ending process.
What inspired you to get into college teaching?:
Iíve always loved the energy of college students and wanted a way to remain in contact with that energy.
Describe the ways in which you mentor students interested in your department:
I willingly share my experiences, allow access to my practice and performing processes, recommend inspiring recordings and readings, and encourage students to move in the direction of their dreams.
If you weren't teaching what would you be doing?:
If I werenít teaching music, there is no question Iíd still be a musician Ė itís in my blood.
What do students like best about your class?:
I think they sense right away that Iím not teaching a subject; Iím teaching people.
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