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Judy Krutky - International Studies and Political Science
Professor of Political Science and Director of Intercultural Education
Political Science and International Studies
Ph.D. Columbia University, New York, NY
MA, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Washington, DC
BA Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
What have you learned while teaching at B-W?:
That I am basically an optimist. Teachers have to be positive about the future, because the investment one makes in students usually doesn’t mature until well into the future. Now that I have taught long enough to have former students at the Dept. of Defense, in the Peace Corps, in high-level positions in multinational corporations, in state and local government and even working for foreign governments, when they come back and tell me what they are doing, I feel great pride in having helped them while they were at BW.
What inspired you to get into college teaching?:
My own undergraduate academic advisor was my inspiration. He was one of the smartest men I have ever known and also one of the kindest. When I tried to thank him as I graduated, he said his thanks would be for me to pass on the help to future students.
Describe the ways in which you mentor students interested in your department:
They actually mentor themselves. I just ask them questions, listen to their answers and help them look at alternatives so they can evaluate what will work best for them. I always encourage trying something out to see how it works, whether it is a class, an internship, study abroad or a new friend. Usually they have the answers, but haven’t taken time to reflect on what is happening to them. Or, if they have, still lack the confidence to go forward with what they are considering.
If you weren't teaching what would you be doing?:
I had planned on being a diplomat. I love the excitement of seeing new places and the people who live in so many different ways. But no matter what I do, I will always be continually reading. I saw a T-shirt once which said, “So many books. . . so little time!” Sums me up quite well.
What do students like best about your class?:
They tell me they like the real world applications and the simulations. Many claim they thought international politics was too complicated to understand, so that when they finally begin to comprehend what is going on, they feel empowered.
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