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Joseph Gorse - Chemistry
B.S. Ohio State University, M.S. Cleveland State University, Ph.D. University of Arizona.
What have you learned while teaching at B-W?:
Students are an almost infinite source of energy and inspiration.
What inspired you to get into college teaching?:
Nothing specific and everything in general. I attended large impersonal state schools so role models were few. I found teaching after trying several things including business, industry and high school teaching. It was a long, but rewarding journey for me. I always knew that I enjoyed thinking about how the world works and teaching is getting paid for what you like to do. Additionally, I love coaching both in sports and careers. I like to keep up with alums. I love success stories.
Describe the ways in which you mentor students interested in your department:
Mostly through shared projects including research and seminars. I keep in touch with alums and help them with new job opportunities or inform them of new opportunities.
If you weren't teaching what would you be doing?:
I would likely run a small business and/or be a consultant. (I ran a bicycle shop for 6 years.)
What do students like best about your class?:
I have lots of stories I use as examples of ‘real world’ science. I also have lots of gedanken I use to stimulate student’s thinking.
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