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Conservatory Supplement



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If you are considering a major in music, you must audition. You can pay your $75 audition fee online by clicking here.

Completion of the Conservatory Audition Supplement and performance of an audition are not required of those who wish to pursue a music minor, unless private lessons are desired as a first-year student.
Please Indicate your preferred degree and program:
 BM Performance
 BM Music Theatre
 BM History & Literature
 Bachelor of Music Education
 BA Music with Arts Management
 BM Music Therapy
 BM Composition
 BM Theory
 BA Music Major
If you are interested in more than one major or primary instrument, please describe your intentions. :

Please submit a one-page essay about your goals for your intended music major. Indicate information about your music background, personal characteristics and experiences that led to choosing this major and that you believe would contribute to your success in this area. Your music essay and music teacher evaluation should be received by our Office of Admission BEFORE YOUR BW AUDITION.

Please select your primary applied instrument:
Length of study on this instrument or voice:
Piano is the required secondary instrument for most music majors. However, if piano or organ is your primary instrument, please indicate your intended secondary instrument.

Please indicate your preferred audition date, which cannot be confirmed until we have received your $75 audition fee. (You may pay online at bursar.bw.edu.)

Select your on-campus date:
Please select your off-campus audition preference:

DIGITAL/RECORDED AUDITION Instrumentalists may submit a digital audition at digitalaudition.bw.edu

I am an instrumentalist and will upload a recorded audition to Decision Desk.
(You must pay the audition fee before your audition will be reviewed.)

Please list any additional instruments on which you are proficient. :

MUSIC TEACHER EVALUATION You are required to submit a music teacher evaluation from your private music teacher or a music director. www.bw.edu/mte

ACCOMPANIST INFORMATION On-campus music theatre and voice students will be provided an accompanist. Please bring your music on Audition Day with any cuts clearly marked. Off-campus auditions are recorded and returned to campus for faculty review. Music theatre, organ, and percussion auditions cannot be accomodated at the off-campus location. At off-campus locations, please note that BW does not supply or require an accompanist. However, a piano will be available, and you may bring your own accompanist.

By clicking the SUBMIT button below, I hereby certify the information given on this application is complete and that the writing sample is my own work. I understand that any misrepresentation may be cause for denial or cancellation of admission. I further pledge to comply with all rules and regulations which the College has found to be valuable in the maintenance of its academic and social standards of life and conduct.