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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Transfer and Adult Students

Student Affairs/Judicial Affairs Evaluation Form

To the Applicant:

This form is REQUIRED if you meet the following criteria or when requested by the Admission Committee:

  • You are currently enrolled or have been enrolled as a full-time student within the last academic year, and
  • The college or university attended is a four-year residential campus.

For convenience, this form is available as an online form, to be completed by an administrator in the Office of Student Affairs/Judicial Affairs at the college(s) you have attended, as noted above.  You may also use a paper version, if preferred.

Office of Student Affairs/Judicial Affairs
To the Individual Completing This Evaluation:

Thank you for taking time to complete this online evaluation form for an applicant interested in attending Baldwin Wallace University.  The applicant is interested in attending Baldwin Wallace as a transfer student.  Please complete this online form, as a requirement of his or her application for admission to Baldwin Wallace University.

If preferred, a paper version of the evaluation form may also be used.


Materials submitted in support of an application for admission to Baldwin Wallace University are reviewed only by members of the Admission Committee and other University staff responsible for admission decisions. Please know that any of the information you may share can be viewed by the applicant should he/she choose to matriculate at Baldwin Wallace University.

* Required information
Applicant's Name: *
Your Name
Student Affairs Administrator:
Your Title: *
College or University: *
City, State, Zip: *
Office Phone: *
Email: *
Was the student involved in any disciplinary action during enrollment at your institution?  Yes    No  
If yes, please describe the charge(s) and the action(s) taken:
Is the student eligible for immediate re-enrollment at your institution?  Yes    No  
If no, please explain:
Are there any additional student services that this student may need?  Yes    No  
If yes, please explain:
Thank you for your time and consideration in evaluating this applicant.