Adult Degree Completion Program
Student Spotlight

Darrell Sullins

Anticipated graduation year: May, 2013

Degree/Major: Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Business
Current career: Dominion East Ohio Gas, Supervisor Contractor Services

Why did you decide to return to College to complete your Bachelorís degree? 
I went to college right out of high school and, at the same time, was a member of the USA World Karate team and the USA/Pan American Karate team. My team won a gold medal!  At that time, I didnít have the discipline to do both karate and college so I joined the Marine Corp. It was in the Marine Corp. that I learned discipline, planning, focus, commitment and team work; the tools that apply to everything I do.  Now that I have kids, I tell them to finish what they start and, following my own advice, I returned to college to finish my education. 

Why did you choose to attend B-W? 
I was encouraged by my company to complete my Bachelorís degree and chose B-W because of the
Organizational Leadership major in the Adult & Continuing Education program.   I was very nervous since I had been out of college for 20 years. Once I realized that I had taken many training classes at my company and did well, I thought, why not just change the setting to the college classroom?    

What do you like best about Baldwin-Wallace College?  
The professors are very accommodating; they understand that students have family & work.  The courses fit into a working adultís lifestyle.  So far, all of my classes have been
accelerated minimesters, and I love them.  They are condensed so there is more work in a short period of time, but that works well for me.  I also enjoy having classes made up of both adults & younger students.   Taking a number of courses with some of the same people has helped me develop good connections with my fellow students.  

How is B-W supporting or preparing you to attain your goals?
Working full time as a supervisor for a major utility company, along with being a husband, a dad, and a high school track coach, could have kept me from returning to college, but the evening classes in the
Adult & Continuing Education program made it possible without neglecting my other responsibilities. 

Other information you would like to share including any advice for new students?  
An added bonus of going back to school has been that it has set a great example for my kids.  My son and I study together and that has improved his study habits with the result being  improved grades for him!  



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