Transfer Spotlight

Laura Stringer

Degree/Major:  Bachelor of Arts in History

Anticipated Graduation Year:  May, 2011

Why did you decide to attend B-W?
I applied to B-W as a senior in high school, but at the last minute decided to attend a school that was four hours away from home.  After two years of being unsettled both academically and socially, I decided to take another look at B-W because my brother was just accepted as a freshman.  I felt absolutely at home!  B-W has a strong history program, a brilliant, engaged staff and a cozy campus.  I withdrew from my old college and enrolled at Baldwin-Wallace.  I haven’t looked back!    
How did your classes transfer to B-W from your other colleges?
Beautifully!  I am 47 credits on my way to graduation which is exactly where I would have been at my old school.  The Admission and Registration and Records Offices were so helpful to me in the transfer credit process.
Please share an experience that strongly influenced your decision to come to B-W.
When I finally made the decision to transfer, I was looking at two colleges.  It was clear to me after my campus visits that B-W was the place for me.  I mattered at B-W!  During the admission process the focus was on me and my interest in academics!  I was also fortunate to receive a transfer scholarship from B-W.   

Can you share some advice for other students interested in transferring?
“Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.”  I think that if you are happy to be going somewhere, that is always a good sign, but if you know the school is happy to have you, you know you are in the RIGHT place.   

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