Adult Degree Completion Program
Student Spotlight

Michelle A. Snowden

Anticipated graduation year: May, 2012

Degree/Major: Bachelors of Arts with double majors in Human Resources and Business Administration

What made you return to College to complete a bachelor’s degree?  As I approached 40, I decided that this was the time to refocus on my educational goals and pursue a path that would put me in a position to help others realize their dreams. My journey included quitting my job, pulling out my savings and investing in my future!    

How did your courses transfer to B-W?  I graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Business and I transferred the maximum 62 semester hours.

Who has influenced or benefited you at B-W?  Heather Rule, my academic advisor, has been a strong support to me. She has done everything she can to assist me including taking the time to help me understand my Jacket Express account; get a scholarship and she laid out a two year graduation plan. I always leave her office believing everything will work out! And it has!

How is B-W preparing you to attain your goals?  My goals are being met with the assistance of B-W's excellent professors.  The classroom experience goes beyond textbooks and incorporates the professor’s personal knowledge and experiences. The assignments have challenged me to face my insecurities; and, the quality of my work has improved with each assignment.

Do you have a favorite story that you’d like to share so that others can get a feel for the B-W experience?  During my first semester at Baldwin Wallace I had questions regarding my financial aid and called the financial aid office for assistance. I not only talked to a woman who was helpful but she also explained and answered all my questions.  All of my experiences with representatives of Baldwin Wallace have been kind and helpful.

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