Transfer Spotlight

Julianne Mier

Anticipated Graduation Year:  2012

Degree/Major:  Communication Disorders

Why did you choose B-W?
I started my freshman year at a small college in Michigan.  However, I quickly realized that the college was not the right fit for me. I applied to B-W and transferred my second semester of my freshman year. 
I was initially attracted to B-W because of its size and liberal arts education. I wanted a school that offered small class sizes and a personalized teaching environment. Likewise, I was impressed with the numerous majors B-W offers. 

How did your courses transfer to B-W from other institutions?
B-W was great with accepting my transfer credits. I received B-W credit and class-equivalency for all the classes I took at my other college. I was thrilled that even my study abroad program, which I took in the summer after high school graduation, transferred.

What do you like best about B-W? 
B-W offers a great learning environment. The faculty really care about the students. After just one week of classes, my teachers knew my name and my major. They take time to make sure each student understands the material, and if help is needed, teachers give students numerous ways to contact them. Likewise, students get to know their classmates on a personal basis.

To-Do List
To-Do List