Transfer Spotlight

Matt Klinger

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2011

Degree/Major: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Why did you decide to transfer to B-W? 
I chose to attend Baldwin-Wallace because of the accolades and prestige that go along with the Yellow Jacket tradition.  B-W has a true sense of what higher learning should be all about.  I wanted a College that would prepare me to be ahead of the competition in the market place and I found it!  The faculty is focused on teaching and engaging students in the learning process.  In addition, I was absolutely blown away at the level of professionalism and care that I received in the admission process.  I was so impressed! 

How did your classes transfer to B-W?
My classes transferred effortlessly from my other colleges.  This was very important to me in making the decision to transfer.  I was worried that I would lose many credits, but it was actually just the opposite. 

What do you like best about B-W?
The best part about B-W is the true focus on students and the learning process.  The Psychology department is amazing and the faculty has been extremely encouraging to me as I layout my plans for the future in the field.  B-W is giving me the tools, support and resources to achieve my personal and educational goals. 

To-Do List
To-Do List