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Lynn Kernya

Anticipated graduation date: May 2012

Degree you plan to earn: Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources and Bachelor of Science in Psychology

What made you begin college to complete your Bachelorís degree?
I worked for a retailer for a few years and tried everything to get promoted. It seemed that everyone around me was getting promoted and leaving me behind. Finally, I realized that even though I was qualified to do the jobs, without a degree no one would take me seriously. Although I am laid off now, Iím confident that when I graduate, people will take notice and doors will open that may have previously been closed.

Why did you choose to attend B-W?
I came to B-W just seeking a certificate in Human Resources. After finding that I liked the classes so much, I enrolled part time working toward a major in Human Resources. I was going to minor in psychology, but found that I will have enough credits to complete two majors! I am now a full-time student with about two years until graduation.

What has been your experience with different course formats?  
Mini-mesters are awesome! The workload and content are properly adjusted for working adults with on-the-job experience. You can take two courses at a time and still complete 4 courses in one semester. If you are already a busy individual, it helps take the pressure out of going to school. Immersion courses are very intensive because you complete a full semester course in five days, but it's nice to get a course out of the way in a such short period of time.

Are you able to participate in any student organizations?
I joined the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which has produced some great contacts in the student body and faculty. Iíve also been able to receive scholarship advice and help from a number of faculty members and administrative staff.  (I actually was nominated for and received an outside scholarship!)

Do you have a favorite story you would like to share so that others can get a feel for the   B-W experience? I remember how nervousl I was when I walked into the admission office.  In a short half an hour, I found myself signed up for a semester of classes, student ID in hand and on my way to the bookstore to buy my first book. From that moment I knew exactly what I wanted from a college experience and felt great that I had made that first step to professional success!

Other information you would like to share including any advice for new students?  Donít be afraid to try things you never thought you could do.

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