Transfer Spotlight

Renee Hubeny

Major: Early Childhood Education

Anticipated Graduation Date:   May, 2012

Why did you decide to attend B-W?
I decided to attend Baldwin-Wallace because it has a wonderful education program.  I have many friends who are teachers who graduated from B-W and all of them have commented on their amazing experience with the College and the education division.  I also live close to B-W and I love the flexibility that offers to me in creating my class schedule.    

How did your classes transfer to B-W from your other colleges?
I transferred to B-W from Lorain Community College.  I attended there part-time for many years.  I was pleased that I was able to transfer in all of my general education classes which came in as the CORE at B-W.    My advisor was also very helpful to me as I scheduled classes at B-W. 

What do you like best about B-W?
I like the small campus.  My classes are small and engaging.  I also like that my first class in education took me out into the schools where I am completing observation work.  The observation work helps me to understand what I am learning in the B-W classroom and makes me a better student and future teacher.   I  am not aware of any other colleges in the area which make this observation work happen so quickly.  

To-Do List
To-Do List