Transfer Spotlight

Emalee Garcia

Anticipated Graduation year:  2011

Degree/major:  Psychology

Why did you choose B-W?
I decided to transfer to B-W from Tri-C because I thought it would offer me a strong liberal arts education. The admission process was simple and the new student orientation gave me an outlook on what it would be like to be a student.

I have a cousin who is a student here and she always raved about how beautiful the campus is, and how there are so many tools to help you in your path to successó and Iím seeing that in action.

What do you like best about B-W?
I like the fact that B-W was a small, private college and it was ranked high in academic success. Now that Iím here, Iím experiencing a different type of classroom setting which is more interactive and fun than regular lecturing. Baldwin-Wallace is definitely an investment I would advise to anyone looking to enhance their academic and professional career.

To-Do List
To-Do List