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B-W Spotlights
Transfer and Adult Degree Students

More than 500 students transfer to B-W each year to study in our traditional undergraduate and accelerated adult degree completion programs.  Just click on the list below to read what B-W's transfer and adult evening weekend students have to say about their experiences at Baldwin-Wallace College!

Melissa Bailey
Transfer Student:  Biology
I chose B-W not only for its great reputation, but for the people.  Being so close to Cleveland is also a great feature.  Classes are small and  the faculty want you to genuinely succeed!

Jack  Barnett    
Adult Degree: Three Year Organizational Leadership Cohort
B-W was recommended to me by my department director and I chose B-W because the Cohort program fits my lifestyle best and also because of B-W’s reputation.

Emalee Garcia
Transfer Student:  Psychology
I have a cousin who is a student here and she always raved about how beautiful the campus is, and how there are so many tools to help you in your path to success— and I’m seeing that in action

Renee Hubeny
Transfer Student:  Early Childhood Education
I decided to attend Baldwin-Wallace because it has a wonderful education program.  I have many friends who are teachers who graduated from B-W and all of them have commented on their amazing experience with the College and the education division.

Lynn Kernya
Adult Degree: 
Human Resources and Psychology
I was a part-time student with a family and full-time job until I was recently laid off.  Now I  am taking this opportunity to complete my degree as quickly as possible.   I am positioning myself to reach my goal of a professional level position in Human Resources.

Matt Klinger
Transfer Student: Psychology
I wanted a College that would prepare me to be ahead of the competition in the market place and I found it!  The faculty is focused on teaching and engaging students in the learning process.

Julianne Mier
Transfer Student:  Communication Disorders
B-W was great with accepting my transfer credits. I received B-W credit and class-equivalency for all the classes I took at my other college. I was thrilled that even my study abroad program, which I took in the summer after high school graduation, transferred.

Tracy Ricchiuto 
Adult Degree: Health Care Management
I felt the staff worked hard to help me with financial aid and assisted me with my Workforce Investment Act grant.  I didn’t feel like I was going to get “lost in the shuffle.”  B-W is great with the non-traditional student!

Brooke Romp
Transfer Student:  Early Childhood Education
I went back and forth on the idea of transferring for over 1 1/2 years and then finally did it!  I wish I had done it sooner.  I really feel that B-W is a great place for me.  There are so many opportunities for me on campus.  Everyone is so helpful and would do anything to make sure that I am successful!  The staff and faculty are great and the students are extremely friendly. 

Scott Simmerer
Transfer Student:  Criminal Justice
During the admission process, I was informed that B-W was selected as a Yellow Ribbon School.  This program supplements my GI benefits which allows me to cover the entire cost of my education. 

Michelle Snowden
Adult degree:  Human Resources and Business Administration
The classroom experience goes beyond textbooks and incorporates the professor’s personal knowledge and experiences. The assignments have challenged me to face my insecurities; and, the quality of my work has improved with each assignment.

Laura Stringer
Transfer Student:  History
When I finally made the decision to transfer, I was looking at two colleges.  It was clear to me after my campus visits that B-W was the place for me.  I mattered at B-W! 

Darrell Sullins
Adult Degree:  Organizational Leadership
Working full time as a supervisor for a major utility company, along with being a husband, a dad, and a high school track coach, could have kept me from returning to college, but the evening classes in the
Adult & Continuing Education program made it possible without neglecting my other responsibilities. 


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