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BW works closely with Lakeland Community College and their students to evaluate courses for transfer to BW.


Innovative programs like the Associate to Bachelor's program (A2B) and great tools like the online transfer guide have been created to make transferring to BW a smooth and positive experience.  We want to help you make every course count toward a BW degree!

Baldwin Wallace University offers Transfer Scholarships ranging from $6000-9500, a $1000 Associate's Award, and $1000 Phi Theta Kappa Award.

Courses transferred from Lakeland Community College count directly toward your major or minor, core requirements, or electives -- all are valuable credit toward the minimum 124 credits needed to graduate.  A maximum of 62 semester hours may transfer from two-year or community colleges.  All approved courses with a grade of C or better  will transfer to Baldwin Wallace, given that they fall within the academic scope and level of BW's programs.  Grades of C- or below do not transfer.

Talk with a Transfer Counselor!  Sit down with us on campus (in Berea or BW East Beachwood) ...we'll review your Lakeland courses and show you what will transfer, answer your questions, and tell you all about the BW experience.  We also visit Lakeland Community College regularly throughout the year, and would love to meet with you there!


Make the most of your Lakeland experience while building a transfer bridge to BW!

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