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Blog #4

Well, it is another rainy Thursday here at BW. It seems like we always get the best of the weather during our time here. (Hot=Summer, Rainy=Fall, Snow Storms and Cold=Winter, and more rain=Spring) But hey, you got to love it!! What other college can offer you that kind of extreme variety of weather change?

To go along with the quality of weather, LOL, Baldwin Wallace offers students so many opportunities, tools, and activities to do. For example, I recently took a visit to The Health Center located on the corner of Bagley Rd. and Beech St. The center serves as a place for students to go when they are faced with a variety of concerns. The center deals with all types of health related issues. (These can range from a slight cough and runny nose, to more serious matters. Use your imagination.) I was randomly selected, off the football team, to conduct a drug test. The NCAA requires all athletic programs to take part in these random tests. This ensures the quality and prestige that BW athletics has gathered up to this point.

To learn more about the Health Center visit this site, http://www.bw.edu/resources/health/

That’s all for now