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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Learn Something New Every Day...

It is funny how people tell you to learn something new every day; but how many people actually do this? I was walking around campus the other morning, and heard something that I had never heard before. Two girls were walking next to the Malicky Center for Social Sciences, and I noticed that one of them was pointing up at the clock tower. (Malicky has a four-faced clock tower on one of its peaks.) She looked at her friend and said, “Do you notice how none of the four clock faces are the same shape?” Once I heard that, I had to partake in looking as well. I noticed that faces are: a square, a hexagon, an octagon, and a circle. Then I began to wonder why this is. (Hmmm……) Then the girl said, “It’s because they symbolize the students here at BW. We start off as squares, with hard edges and straight lines. But, as we grow and progress, each year we become more spherical, until the very end of our experience. Then we are truly well-rounded human beings." In my head I thought, “WOW!! That makes a lot of sense. This girl knows her stuff.”

I am glad to say that I learned something new the other day, and am sure I will continue to discover new and interesting things about Baldwin Wallace. That’s all for now.