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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I must say, last week was very productive.  The main reason I can say this is because I did a lot of work for my classes, and was able to get caught up. (I was not far behind, but will admit I was slacking for awhile.) I had a quiz in my World Civilizations class, and did really good on it. (99% not to brag though.) This grade is a lot better than my last one; mainly due to the fact that I studied for this assessment. When I was able to sit down and focus, I saw that I can get a great deal accomplished. I also handed in a paper for my Political History of Ohio class; that is worth 50% of my final grade. (WHEW!!) I am really relieved to have these things out of the way.

The professors in the above classes are very laid back and want to see their students succeed. They are not like some professors/Doctors that want to make class work extremely difficult. The two men that instruct these mentioned courses really helped me, and my fellow learners out. One drops our lowest quiz grade (World Civ.) and the other gave us an extension on our paper (Pol. His.). This really helps me, when it comes to my grade in the classes. That is what I enjoy about Baldwin Wallace; we are really “close” and want to help each other out. No one tries to throw you under the bus, and ruin your college experience. That was a big plus for me when I was selecting a college to attend. Well, that’s all for now.