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The New President is Named

Well, I hate to say it but it finally looks like the reality of Baldwin Wallace getting a new President is practically finalized. This past week the students, faculty, and many other people associated with the school discovered that a new president has been agreed upon. I received an e-mail telling me who this person was, and it also gave me a little background on them. The new president is Robert C. Helmer, a seemingly younger man who looks like he will do a great job, succeeding President Durst. To read more about him click here.

When I read this article, the only part that upset me was when I found out that President Helmer and his family would be staying in the President’s House on campus. That means I cannot put in for the “mansion.” LOL Richard Durst will be greatly missed by myself, and by many others. He has done so many things to get BW back on the map. I say with a heavy heart, “I hate to see you go DD.” (Dick Durst)

Also, I discovered this week that Baldwin Wallace University will be no more, very soon. We are now considered a University. Which makes me wonder if we will be BWU (that’s hard to say, and does not sound right) or if we will be known as THE University of Baldwin Wallace. Time will tell, but that’s all for now.