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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Who wants LUNCH?!

Since I have been enrolled at BW I have learned that there are a number of places to grab lunch. There is the Union Dining Room, which is the main eatery on campus. Here, you can find a huge variety of food, suitable for every type of eater. If you are in the mood for a high quality sub sandwich, you can stop into Buzzy’s Grocery Store. It is located in the Strosacker Union, right off of the main dining hall. It is a little grocery store with numerous food items. They also prepare subs, for those who want to wait in the line. (It’s very popular at BW, so usually be prepared to wait)

You can also go to Lang Dining Hall, which is on the North side of campus. It is in the basement of the Emma Lang Residence Hall and there is always something good eat there. It does not have the variety that the Union has, but it is still good. (Just be careful not to let Emma’s ghost get you).

If you still cannot find anything that suites you, then it is likely you will travel down Bagley to get some “grub.” There are a variety of eateries all along the road. (Max & Ermas, McDonalds, SubWay, and many more) Baldwin Wallace does a great job of providing a high quality meal for its students. That’s all for now.