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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Weather at BW

This past week the campus of Baldwin Wallace University was hit by a series of Ohio winter storms. Since I am now a junior, I have experienced these types of weather conditions before. The snow came down quickly and the cold air seemed to get even colder. The grounds crew did a very good job of keeping the sidewalks safe to walk on; they plowed them often and made sure to keep them salted. The professors were also very kind when it came to the weather. By this I mean that they took into consideration the driving/walking conditions before marking people tardy for class. I drove to one of my classes, which is across campus, and it took double the amount of time it usually does. When I walked into class the professor looked at me and said, “Don’t worry about being a little late, I am aware of the slippery roads. I’d rather you take your time getting here safely, compared to getting into an accident on your way here.” Like I always say, this just goes to show you that the faculty here really cares about the students. However, I am always down for a snow day so if they want to cancel classes or forget to shovel the sidewalks I would not be mad. I’ve got to go get my homework done, so that’s all for now.