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Finals are Approaching (que Darth Vader theme song)

Well, it’s about that time to right the “I’m-so-tired-and-stressed-and-finals-are-next-week-please-kill-me” blog. It is the week before finals and it has not been an easy one. Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone gets so freaked about finals week. It’s the week before we should be worried about. That’s when all of the projects, papers, and presentations are due. Most students procrastinate at least a little when faced with those kinds of assignments.

This procrastination leads to a lot of late nights at the library and in the computer lab. There are extended hours at the library until 2AM. They are also offering free massages and bringing in adorable therapy dogs for students that are looking for some canine therapy. I met an adorable labridoodle named Weston and his best friend Luka, a great dane almost as tall as me all while working on my statistics homework. I must admit that therapy dogs help with the stress. Hang in there everyone! Finals will be over soon and then we all get to go home and enjoy the holidays!