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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Craziness of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has rocked the world of Baldwin Wallace University this week as it tore down power lines, flooded our stadium, knocked down the Kleist sign in front of the theatre, and took out the power in many of the residence halls. My residence hall’s power, hot water, and heat was completely knocked out for over twenty four hours before they decided to let us have an early fall break. Hurricane Sandy had massive effects on the Baldwin Wallace campus and its students and faculty and it didn’t hit Berea half as hard as it hit parts of the east coast. I hope and pray that relief comes to people who have no power, resources, and shelter. I also believe we should keep families of loved ones killed by this catastrophe in our thoughts. BW came together as a family to get through our power outage. We really are one big family. I wish I could include pictures of the storm’s path of chaos, but unfortunately my phone is out of power and I can’t take pictures. Maybe next week!