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A Brown Halloween

So, as I’m sure you all know Halloween is right around the corner. To be honest I have never really been very big on Halloween. The only cool part about Halloween is that you get to dress up in costumes that you normally would be embarrassed to wear on a normal day. I have been some really great characters: a squirrel, a elephant,  an oopmah loompah, Cruella Devil, a nudest on strike… the list goes on. The candy part of Halloween doesn’t even really get me that excited because I usually just steal all of the Almond Joys and Tootsie Rolls from my sister’s candy bag and I’m happy.

I was emailing my dad the other day and I told me that there was still no snow in our hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. I don’t know if people who don’t live there will be able to fully understand how exciting that is. In all of my years growing up there, I have never seen a Halloween without snow. By the end of October there is usually at least a foot of snow and -15 degrees. As a kid I remember having to plan my costume accordingly so I could fit all of my cold weather gear underneath it. I usually went as a ghost for trick-or-treat because all you had to do was cut out eye holes in a sheet and call it good.

            Here’s the email from my dad:


Yea! No snow yet. It looks like it will be a brown Halloweenie.