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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Metroparks: A Nice, Safe Place to Run

Today on my run I made a little discovery down Bagley from the university. I started running down a trail called the Lake to Lake trail in the Cleveland Metropark system. It is an absolutely beautiful trail with boardwalks, pavement, and dirt paths. The path has some of every terrain!

Not only are the Metroparks a great place to run, they also seem fairly safe. There is a lot of traffic on the path. People are biking, walking their dogs, running, and just enjoying nature. I don’t feel in danger of being abducted when there are so many other people around. I highly recommend BW students to take advantage of the Cleveland Metroparks. You get to be around nature and see some pretty trails. Its definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or an evening out doors in the fresh air.